Benefits of Adding Staff Recognition to Your Holiday Party

When your company puts on a holiday party, you want each guest at the party to be engaged and enjoy the gathering. Serving good food can help you keep your staff interested in the party, and you can also add staff recognition to the party to make things more interesting. You can celebrate what your team has accomplished as part of your holiday party each year.

Adding in a Staff Recognition Portion of the Party Encourages People to Stick Around

There are people who will leave a holiday party as soon as they possibly can. Once they have been fed, they will want to go and get back home to their families. You can encourage those people to hang around by letting them know that there is going to be a recognition portion of the party where they might be honored. Everyone will want to see who is recognized for their work, and that will cause your guests to stay at the party longer than they normally would. This makes your party more interesting, and it helps your guests better connect with one another.

Your Staff is Properly Celebrated When Honored at a Party

There are times when you try to bring attention to a member of your staff, and no one really pays attention to what you are doing, and that person does not get the recognition that they deserve. When you give out custom awards at a holiday party, everyone notices what you are doing. This will encourage those who do not receive awards to change the way that they work so that they are more likely to receive them in the future.


Those who receive awards at your holiday party will have a chance to talk with their coworkers after they have received the awards, receiving congratulations from them and encouraging them to keep at their work. When you give out awards at a party, you do that in a comfortable environment where everyone is relaxing and enjoying spending time with one another, and you help those receiving the rewards be noticed.

People Will Show Up for Your Party When They Know Awards Will be Given Out

If you are concerned that your staff isn’t going to show up for the party that you are hosting, letting them know that awards will be given out might encourage them to do that. When your team knows that you are going to recognize some individuals for their accomplishments at your party, they will come to the party in case they are among those who will be recognized. No one wants to miss out on the chance to be honored, and some will be curious to see who is being honored even if they know that they are not going to be.

Recognizing Your Staff’s Accomplishments at a Holiday Party Saves You Time

If you choose to recognize your staff’s accomplishments at a party that you are going to be putting on, either way, you do not have to plan a different event to handle that job. You should highlight the great work of your team, but it can be tiring to plan out multiple events for doing that. Choose to do that at your holiday party to save time and effort.

Recognizing Your Staff at a Holiday Party Gives You Something to Talk About

When you put on a holiday party, you’re expected to get up in front of everyone and give a speech. It can be hard to know what you should discuss when you do that in order to keep everyone interested. Recognize your staff while you are speaking, calling up those who have done great things and rewarding them for their efforts. This gives you something to talk about and a way to keep everyone involved, and you can even let those being honored speak, too.


A holiday party can be fun, but not all are interested in attending the one put on by their employer. When you recognize employees at your holiday party, you encourage people to come to the party, and you keep them interested in all that is taking place. Figure out who deserves honor, and recognize them at your party this year.