Bedroom Colors That Will Help You Wake Up Happier

Bedroom Colors

It’s a fact that waking up early and leaving a cozy bed isn’t enticing for many. One of the best ways to make it easy is by choosing a room paint color combination that’s energizing and mood-uplifting. Since colors have the power to affect one’s mood, there is a strong reason to add colors to the space. Thus, we have shortlisted some of these options that will help you wake up happier and energized.

1. Red Lacquer:

High on energy yet calming, bold and timeless, this shade of red gives a jaw-dropping appearance to the room. For a show-stopping super effect, pair it with white paint on the ceiling and other few walls and you will leave a warm and chic effect on the room.

2. Bubble Gum Pink:

If you have a youthful spirit and a fearless attitude, showcase it by having a lick of bubble gum pink color paint on the walls. In case you are facing any challenge in finding the right shade, you can even check it out in Asian paints color shades. This shade will help you balance out with traditional furniture and accents and will give you room to add prints.

3. Coral:

If you want to give a radiant effect to the bedroom without doing much, go for nothing but hues of coral paints. This color has the power to make the space look bright yet calm. Under direct sunlight, it appears brighter while it is less light, it appears like a shade of terra cotta.

4. Terracotta:

While dark brown isn’t the obvious choice for wall paint color while decorating a room, this warm color as terracotta makes a strong case for it. This color shade is perfect for someone who loves experimenting with colors but likes to stay away from bright and neon tones.

5. Marigold:

If you have a yellow shining personality or like to reflect it, use the beautiful marigold look with white, navy blue, or olive green. With this shining color, you can accentuate the room with metallic finish aesthetics. Adding light, accents, and upholstery in shades of bronze is also a great idea to make the space look brighter giving good vibes.

6. Cobalt Blue with light blue hue:

Bright colors are a surefire way to make a bold statement while balancing it out with its lighter hue is the ideal way to enhance the space. Bloom, rich and posh finish is what cobalt blue gives to the room. The varying shade of blue throughout makes the bright blue settle while making the space glow.

7. Royal Purple:

Want to make your bedroom look comfortable for lazy mornings, but bright for the rest of the days, try dark purple on the walls as it adds a different type of vibrancy to the space. You can blend it with any color accents to match your personality and taste.

8. Green and Gold:

If you love nature and always feel like being close to it, consider lush green wallpaper, upholstery, or paint. Pair it with gold accents to create a strong combination that is breathtaking for the bedroom. This duo will make the bright green paradise come alive.

9. Matte Marine:

You love a single color and you are a water baby. A matte version of the marine hue is the right pick for you to create a softer atmosphere in the bedroom. Using the same shade on all the walls and ceiling will give the illusion of a bigger room.

10. Soft Black:

While we always think of using lighter hues for smaller spaces, the darker inkier tones are also known to amplify the smaller area. The soft black color not just sets the right mood, it makes the room feel intimate in ways that a lighter shade can never attain.

While you wouldn’t have thought of these wall color options, try them and see the difference it brings to your room and personality.