Planning a trip? wondering to enjoy your vacation to the fullest in the best Himachal? Himachal Pradesh is a unique destination to visit and is popular among tourists to make their trip memorable. Whether you want a family trip or a solo trekking or an adventurous trip with friends, Himachal Pradesh has it all. There is an array of hill stations in Himachal. the bewitching sights surrounded by valleys, rivers, lakes, and giant mountains. Beas Kund trek in Himachal is a preferable trekking destination to visit. which will make you visit beautiful places to visit in can also visit buran ghati trek.



located in the Kullu valley which has its gateway through Manali, one of the most popular hill stations in India. Beas Kund is the origin of the river Beas and is also regarded as a holy lake. They say that rishi Vyas used to take bath in this lake. This lake is perched at an altitude of 3650 m. the pristine water of this lake is in the lap of seven sisters and mt. Hanuman Tibba makes this place worth visiting. The rejuvenating experience of this trek passing and sneaking through Solang valley has made this journey surprising and exciting on each turn. It is considered a short and easy trek to be completed in 3 days from Manali. The trek commences from Manali which is located at 2050 m from sea level. It will take 5 to 6 hours of the trek which will lead to Dhundi at 3150 m from Manali via Solang Nallah. then bakartach which will take you to Beas Kund. 


The picturesque sites in this location are ideal for photography. witness the nature spectacular views of indrasan, deo tibba peak, and hanuman tibba. Manu temple and Solang nallah will make you solace. The stunning villages such as Burua, Sannag, and Goshal are fascinating, and top you by them and witness the immense beauty of this landscape. camping in Beas Kund trek amidst the magnificent landscapes under the sky is one heck of an experience. 


May to October is the best time to visit beas kund trek. the weather during this period remains pleasant and makes you fall in love with salubrious atmosphere. perfectly nestled in between the dhauladhar range in Himachal Pradesh. 


You can travel to Manali by an overnight Volvo bus from New Delhi which will take you amidst the valley of Kullu by morning. 


Start your trek from Solang valley to reach bakarthack, elevating you to 3149, start your trek early and it will take you to dense forest amidst towering trees, walnut and oak forests. you will only hear the sound of birds in the extremely quiet forest. feel the fragrance of forest in this 8km trek which is overall easy and not too steep to hike. set up your cam at the location, have a delicious dinner, and rest for the day. 


Rise before the sun and witness the glorious view of sunrise. today you will be hiking 3893 m, to the Beas Kund. eat a healthy breakfast which will give you energy and start your hike. when ascending to beas kund the stunning views of the Himalayas will never leave you alone. As you start climbing higher you will see the extinction of trees and greenery in the landscape and there will be only snow and rocks making it an arid and barren land though there will be patches of grassland. after reaching beas kund the source of the Beas river which is grown up by different small streams from different directions. The panoramic view will enchant you with splendid vistas. Reach the campsite and enjoy your day along with a bonfire and a soul-fulfilling dinner. 


Head back to Solang valley straight which will be fun. with different views of the valley. 


When you reach the top in the Beas Kund region, please give a moment to your body to get acclimatized to the climate conditions of the region. Even if you feel tired, rest for a bit and don’t continue your trek in that condition. don’t bring alcohol or any drugs, it is prohibited. it is dangerous to get out of the camp zone during nighttime. 


it is an easy trek that is doable by everyone, even if you are a beginner there is nothing to worry about. the lush green meadows, deodar forest and the big mountains are a gift of nature for the trekkers in this region.