B2B Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Explore in 2022

B2B content marketing in Dubai refers to employing content to extend your company’s target users and reinforce and nurture brand affinity. And it eventually attracts sales and leads by grabbing the attention of other businesses.

Here are some proven B2B content marketing strategies businesses should test in 2022.


Publish Industry Studies

Hands down, industry studies is the best kind of B2B content that businesses can create. No other type of B2B content even comes close to it. 


Backlinko posted an industry study regarding page loading speed on their blog a couple of years ago. 59,653 people viewed it, and it got shared on social platforms 4002 times.


Most importantly, it got 675 backlinks for that single web page. Why did that page get so many backlinks? Because industry studies provide facts that back up what a blog or article is saying.


It proves that the number of shares and traffic you gain from an industry study is astounding. But, its real advantage is that it can get hundreds of backlinks which is essential for SEO. Your site could be the source of other sites in your industry reference if you publish a fact-based industry study. 


There are two factors you should not ignore while using this technique. Firstly, make your study available for free. Don’t hide it behind a <download now> button. Generally, users don’t link to these squeeze pages or share their links on social media.


On the flip side, users happily link to a content piece packed with data points. Are you concerned about losing those extra leads you would get if you charge for your content? 


Remember publicly accessible content will capture much more leads for SEO and social media in the long run. 

Use Email Newsletters

Email is a superb content marketing strategy. Send out loads of emails to your subscription list or shortlist specific users who you think can be prospective buyers. Email marketing is perhaps the most effective actionable marketing technique for increasing return on investment. 


The Content Marketing Institute conducted a survey. It found that 31 percent of B2B companies utilize email newsletters to foster leads. An informative weekly newsletter works wonders for lead generation and nurturing. Plus, newsletters offer users a good reason to convert into a lead. 

The biggest perk of a weekly newsletter is branding. You need to keep bombarding your email subscribers with reminders to tell them that you exist. And nothing does this job better than a newsletter.

Content Repurposing to Win

In today’s rat race lifestyle, people simply don’t have enough time to leave everything they are doing and focus all their attention on your content while consuming it. People sometimes consume content in the car, in the workplace, or while completing household chores.


The solution? Repurpose your content. Content in different formats helps you cater to various circumstances. It is a dynamic technique to grab the attention of users having several channel preferences with your best content.


Your digital marketing agency in Dubai can help you with this. Once you identify what content works best, increase your return on investment by repurposing that content. You can turn a blog post that brought loads of views into a webinar.


If an Instagram poll was highly successful, use the data gathered from it to write an ebook. Or convert the findings of an industry survey into the form of a white paper and create a podcast describing the results.

Measure and Assess your ROI for Improvements


Your ROI is a powerful indicator of the extent of success of your content marketing efforts. Analyze your ROI to check if you need to start using more powerful content marketing tools. Or perhaps you need to fine-tune your sales process. 


Once you find out some loopholes, immediately make essential changes to your strategy to amplify your results. Don’t feel hesitant to make adjustments if you aren’t achieving your target results. 


HubSpot researched the issues, opportunities, and actions on which most B2B businesses are focusing this year. 


It found out that 30 percent of marketers believe their biggest challenge in 2022 will be the ROI measurement of marketing initiatives. Measuring ROI isn’t equally easy for all marketing activities. 


If an organization tracks sales made from a Facebook ad, it’s super easy to evaluate as it’s just a social media ad campaign. On the flip side, assessing which blog made sales is more challenging.


Bottom Line 

The content marketing world is continuously evolving, and you can’t keep pace with it if you keep using the same old strategies. In 2022, businesses should use the tried and tested digital marketing strategies that can work today.


However, the core principles of content marketing are timeless. Following those marketing principles will help you stay ahead of your competitors.