Asurionsetup com – Guide – Step by Step How To Activate

You just bought the most amazing new cell phone. We can help you set-up your new smartphone, no matter how long you have been associated with the brand.

Asurion experts help 300 million of our clients every year. To help them make the most out of their tech gadgets, Asurion Experts have developed these tips and tricks to quickly and easily activate your new phone. You can now get on with the fun part: introducing your new gadget to the world!

Instructions for backing up your old phone

You can use your Android or iPhone’s cloud reinforcement capacity to secure important data. These include passwords, emails messages, photos and any records you made in different apps. These programmed reinforcement capabilities will be listed in your phone’s settings.


Android Backup Service can store and associate your information with at least one Google account. Here’s how to set it all up:

  • Associate your gadget with your Wi-Fi company.
  • Open the Settings menu on your telephone.
  • Tap Backup and Restore in Accounts and Reinforcement.
  • To switch it on, tap Back Up My data.
  • The next step is to see the options for sponsorship of your information.


  • You can backup your gadget using iCloud – see how to set it all up.
  • Associate your gadget with your Wi-Fi company.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap iCloud when you see it.
  • Once you are in iCloud look for Tap Backup and make sure that iCloud Backup turns on.

Tap Back Up Now.

Keep your Wi-Fi connection active until the cycle ends. To verify that the reinforcement is complete, go to Settings > iCloud> Storage > Manage Storage. After that, choose your device. The reinforcement should appear in the subtleties of the time and the reinforcement size.

Step-by-step instructions for transferring information from an old telephone to a new one

The reinforcement cycle is very similar to it. However, the steps you take to transfer data, such as contacts, schedules, and photographs, from your old phone to your new one, are dependent on your gadget.


When you use an Android telephone, your Google Account is associated with virtually everything. You can mark in to your Google record to populate contacts, schedule arrangements and messages onto your new phone on the off chance you have Backup and Restore set up on your old gadget (if this is not the case, read the next segment to learn the best method to back-up your old telephone).


You have a few options to move information from an old iPhone. Check out our guide to learn how to reestablish data from your iCloud account or reestablish support from your iTunes account.

Cloud matching up and web-based media are the most efficient ways to set email up

Take a look at your new gadget’s settings to see if you can use it for web-based and email accounts. Looking for methods to securely consolidate your entire data to the cloud Our guide will help you choose the best distributed storage solutions so that next time you swap gadgets, it’ll be a simple cycle.