Astrological Remedies for a Healthy and Happy Marriage

Having a marriage full of love and peace is a dream everyone shares. Every male puts forth his best effort in this regard, yet there are instances when marriage problems are unavoidable and the spouse experiences unease. Dispute between husband and wife, if you’re going through a similar situation and want your marriage to remain full of joy, harmony, and love, then you shouldn’t have one. 

While laughing and singing, the thorn of discord often enters life and causes minor arguments between the husband and wife. If you’re experiencing a similar issue in your marriage, it’s in your best interest to speak with an astrologer in Canada about some quick and easy astrological fixes. Try these easy astrological solutions for a happy married life.

Astro Tips for a Successful Marriage

According to several astrologers, the following astrological advice should be followed:

  1. A sweet and harmonious marriage can be achieved by worshipping one’s spouse every Thursday. On this day (Thursday), devotees are expected to attend a temple, worship Ram-Janaki, and then share the prasad they received with the community.
  2. If marital strife has become a problem, it is recommended that the wife observe the Pradosh fast or that the couple make a Shivling of jaggery, with specific emphasis on Rudrabhishekar, on the day of the Pradosh fast. If you follow this cure, your married life will soon improve.
  3. The husband and wife, or at least one of them, should go silent on Wednesdays if they constantly argue over nothing. If you desire a happy marriage, keep using this cure.
  4. It is believed that if you bring white sweets or perfume and gift them to your partner on Friday, you will eliminate strife and keep your marriage sweet.
  5. Jamun leaves are thought to reduce marital issues and encourage better mutual understanding and affection if collected on Saturdays and placed in a bedroom.
  6. If you and your partner have fundamentally different worldviews, it’s time to talk. Your husband walks west if you wish to go east. To improve marital harmony, give your partner a fragrant flower on Friday. With this treatment, marital life is sweeter, and couples learn to work together.
  7. If you want your marriage to thrive, an astrologer in Toronto suggests wiping the floor with salt water daily. A native should try wiping the floor with salty water at least once, if not every day. Many married couples have found success using this as a means of resolving marital tensions.
  8. The couple can quickly resolve marital issues by keeping 11 Gomti Chakra in a vermillion box filled with red vermillion. It has been demonstrated to solve all of the issues associated with marriage logically and consistently. All marital arguments may be settled with this treatment.
  9. Husbands who follow the advice of their wives or mothers and consume saffron milk for breakfast and retain strands of saffron on their tongues throughout the day can look forward to a trouble-free and pleasant life. Many married people have found great success with this approach. 
  10. It’s crucial to take this step in case there’s a problem forming between family members. Add some black grammes to your wheat on Saturday, or buy a wheat mix and add the black grammes on your own. Gradually, you’ll see the difficulties you’ve been experiencing lessen, and you’ll also find that your loved ones are happier than before.
  11. For the sake of their relationship, the couple should also abstain from eating meat on Tuesdays and Saturdays. On certain days, it will have a significant impact on your life. Reducing your intake of meat and other animal products can relieve tensions in your relationship, leading to greater mutual satisfaction.
  12. The possibility of a happy marriage increases if the bride wears gold or yellow bangles. The bangles are worn in hopes that they will bring the wearers harmony and prosperity in their relationships. It’s also crucial that the bangles be worn with complete sincerity and commitment; otherwise, they won’t do the couple any good. 
  13. On Tuesdays, the couple should make a charitable contribution of sweets to those less fortunate to decrease the influence the Moon and Mars have on their life. To maximise the efficacy of this treatment, the native should go barefoot to the nearest shrine and donate sweets.
  14. The couple should also avoid getting their hair trimmed and their nails clipped on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. There are more things one should avoid doing on Thursdays and Saturdays besides washing clothing at home and putting oil in one’s hair. The couple’s attempts to solve their marital issues with this treatment have been successful.


Numerous engaged couples rely on astrological methods like Kundli matching and horoscope compatibility reports to ensure a trouble-free union. An astrologer in Canada should be consulted before getting married since they know the native well. Native people can also get their kundalis done online, reducing the time needed for the entire process.