Are Roller Blinds And Roman Blinds The Same?

Window blinds are a big family, some things may be common among this big lineup. But overall window blinds have each type of them with a bit of uniqueness from others.

We are here to discuss two of the major names in the window coverings industry. Roller blinds and roman blinds. Both have different price tags. And even both have different alternatives.

You are probably one of those who assumed roller blinds and roman blinds to be the same. Well, they are the same but not entirely. The only thing common among these blinds is the operating mechanism.

Their usage is also different because the functionality is not something, on which it is determined where the blind should be installed, material type and quality matter most.

So, are we now know the answer of, are Roller Blinds and roman blinds are the same? But there are some main differences that you must know.

How Do They Work?

As I said, both of these blinds have the same functionality of up and down which is also not like standard window blinds. In the same functionality, they have a difference and that is how they work.

First, have a look at roller blinds. roller blinds are one of the sleekest window blinds we ever know, also they are missing in them the standard blinds’ design and even functionality.

There are no such slats, so, obviously, no such functionality that are blinds known for. Instead of that roller blinds have a single piece of fabric panel which is attached to a tube which is on their very top.

That panel is functionalized to roll up and down around the tube. This looks great and minimal because there is no fabric left to bother with when is up. After all, the fabric is rolled completely around the tube.

And when down, the fabric is flat down. Now let’s head to roman blinds to end up with one who is a design winner.

So, Roman blinds also go up and down, but they don’t work as roller blinds do. Roller blinds roll up and down while roman blinds stack or you can also that they pleat up beautifully.

Roller blinds have an up-and-down functionality because of the tube around which the fabric rolls. Roman blinds do also have a single panel but here the panel is looped through a series of cords throughout the panel’s edges.

Due to that loop, the panel can pleat sleekly while rising. And flat down just like roller blinds. so, roller blinds have a tube and roman blinds have a loop.

In case, you want a modern touch roller blinds are sleek and right modern, enough for a futuristic glamour.

Roman blinds are a bit traditional yet luxurious. That’s why they compete with curtains. From a class of view, roman blinds are surely a winner here.

In case, you want soft and moderisnh tone roller blinds are ideal for that case standalone. If we stay up to date then surely the roller blind’s design is a clear winner.

Material Options

I’m gonna brief things but I want to start this off with a disclaimer, in materials options, roller blinds are nowhere near the class of roman blinds.

From here we surely have an idea about their price tag, in which there is a huge difference. Also, you will aware of the fact why roman blinds can compete against luxurious curtains.

Roller blinds are synthetic, there are all synthetic materials here. Not a single high-end natural material here. But that doesn’t mean they are ordinary and can’t be used as a mature statement.

Roller blinds are cheap just because of that reason alone, due to their synthetic nature. But they have high-end synthetic materials which can even outclass natural materials.

On the other hand, roman blinds have two sides one is synthetic and the other is luxuriously backed with high-end natural materials, which are surely expensive.

Roman blinds have in them the top natural fabrics like Cotton, Linen, and Voile, and the high-end and luxurious Silk and Velvet are also there for you to light up your place.

On the other hand, they have synthetic materials like faux silk and materials like polyester are here, so, you can have roman blinds on a tight budget.

There is one more solid reason behind the roman blind’s expensive price tag. They took more precision and hard work while manufacturing because if manufacturing is compromising the quality then you’ll not gonna have the sleek pleats of roman blinds.

So, Which Is The Best For You?

This simple, if you are on a tight budget then roller blinds are more ideal than any other blind type. Especially, when you are living in Canada, because their people have tall windows as normal and roller blinds are top ideal for these conditions.

In case, you can afford roman blinds then you will not regret investing in them. Roman blinds are not as expensive as curtains but can easily outclass curtains in any given scenario.

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