Application of Temporary Lighting Systems In Various Industries

Centurion Temporary Lighting System Yellow 10 x 75W CENT10 Superlux

Temporary portable lighting systems have many applications in the commercial sector. Businesses like construction sites, shipping yards, and mining areas may find it challenging to have a permanent lighting arrangement. In such situations, portable or temporary lighting solutions can be applied to ensure adequate illumination of worksites. 

You need a reliable string light fixture to ensure your site is appropriately illuminated. It will help the workers carry out their tasks properly and mitigate the risks of mishaps or accidents. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA states that there must be adequate lighting at worksites that operate at night, particularly in construction sites and shipping yards where workers have to handle heavy tools and equipment.  

Portable temporary lighting fixtures such as string lights are used in work sites that require fast and effortless lighting installation and where permanent lighting systems cannot be used. These types of lighting arrangements can be quickly set up and operated and hence ideal for use in routine as well as emergencies.

Temporary lighting fixtures not have multiple uses but also offer several advantages:


Temporary lights are easy to handle and move from one place to another because of their lightweight. They can be dismantled and packed away quickly and can be relocated to areas on a site where there is a need for urgent lighting.


Most temporary lights use LED lamps. LED lights are known for their energy efficiency. It draws less power leaving more power at the source (a battery or a generator). It thus saves energy and reduces operational and maintenance costs.

Cooler Than Other Lamps

LED temporary lights produce significantly less heat than other equivalent lamps 


Temporary streamer lights stand apart for their durability. The best ones are built using die-cast aluminum and integrated heat sinks. It increases efficiency and extends the life of the components. The ruggedly designed lights are made more efficient using tough glass lenses. They work even in situations where there is heavy moisture in the air. LED temporary lights are certified for use in wet locations.

Powerful: Sturdy and bright, temporary lights are ideal for illuminating large areas, indoors or outdoors.

Temporary lights are not only used in construction sites and shipping yards but also in various other industries. LED portable lighting solutions can serve the lighting needs of the following sectors.


String lights are generally used in temporary structures. These may include quickly-erected tents to respond to a medical emergency. The temporary lighting can be fitted with a plug and taken around locations in a healthcare unit to provide illumination. 

Construction Sites: 

For construction sites, lighting is the core of every activity. As most construction activities happen at night, there must be adequate temporary lighting so that the staff and officers can work and supervise to ensure efficiency and ensure worker safety.

Automotive Industry:

Any vehicle can break down anywhere, so the automotive industry and businesses must take adequate protection and minimize risks. Hand lights can be used to focus more sharply in specific areas and allow workers to carry on their tasks more smoothly.

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