AlpenKraft shower head, filter beads and competition announcement

The products were provided free of charge by AlpenKraft. Thank you very much for that 🙂

I became aware of the manufacturer and the product through product tests.

I have taken all information about the product from the homepage of AlpenKraft.

About AlpenKraft

AlpenKraft is distribute by AVM Online Handels GmbH, a small family business in Villach, Austria.

The Shop

In the online shop, both the shower head or shower head bundle, as well as filter beads can be order. Currently, the price for a shower head is 44.95 euros and for a package of filter beads at 19.90 euros. When buying larger packages, you can also save on the price.

Shipping is via DHL. Payment can be made by credit card, invoice or via Shop Pay, Google Pay or PayPal.

The AlpenKraft can only be purchase in the online shop and is not available in retail stores.

Advantages of AlpenKraft:

High pressure

The holes in the metal plate of the handpiece were cut using precision lasers, the resulting micro holes increase the water pressure and thus to higher flow rates. In addition, the effect of atomization occurs, similar to a tropical rain shower. By using the high-precision lasers during the manufacturing process, there are no microscopic cracks, so the lime cannot settle on the edges of the holes and the holes do not clog.


The AlpenKraft handpiece contains two chambers for filter beads: clay and tourmaline mineral beads. These have an antibacterial, mineralizing and pH-neutral effect. The filter beads already filter out part of the lime from the shower water, so the water appears softer and is gentler on the skin. In addition, this counteracts lime stains, on tiles and ceramics.

Three types of beams

A distinction can be make between

“Jet” : strong jet

“Rain”: virtually the tropical drizzle

“Massage”: combination of “jet” and “rain” setting

All types of jets are suitable for the daily shower and gentle on the skin.

Lower water consumption

Due to the micro holes of the metal plate, less water per passes through, but the feeling of a strong water pressure is given. In tests, it has been shown that water consumption decreases by 40%, with the same shwer behavior. alpenkraft brause

Test and conclusion

Starting situation

The AlpenKraft made me very curious. We live in a rented apartment and not only on weekends or at peak times you notice when showering that other tenants also consume water. In addition to a constant up and down in the water pressure, there is an increase or decrease in the water temperature. In addition, in Berlin, the degree of hardness of the water is very hard and thus there is increase in limescale deposition on tiles and bathroom furniture. In addition, I have actually found that showering on vacation, in regions with soft water, is much gentler on the skin, which feels softer after showering than in the home bathroom.