All you needed to know about mock tests for 11 plus

For all of you out there waiting to take the 11 plus school admission in UK it is bad to know that you have never faced the entrance exam. It can be highly daunting process that you may not able to overcome without proper coaching. The best way to prepare for the exam is to attend a mock exam conducted by many providers. You will be able to perfect your approach towards the real test by attending the Hbs mocks test online. The HBS or Harvard business School requires passing the entrance test to get admission and without knowing what will be dished out on the real test paper you may be at a disadvantage so read on to find all about the 11 plus exams in UK. 

Here are some standards questions asked about the 11 plus mocks

What is a mock exam?

An exam or mock test is a sample test paper you children will be practicing before they meet the real test. The entrance exam policies may vary with exam boards and their policies. This actually demands a thorough research by you and get familiar with the real test. Some of these schools may even offer sample papers and they will give you an indication of what is waiting for you at the real test. Parents will also know what their children are about to encounter at the exam hall. 

However it is recommended by us that you practice different types of mock tests conducted by mock test centres or tuition facilities. Questions are not the same for these papers and may not be like last years and that makes it tough for aspirants. May be it will be a repetition of last year or absolutely brand new questions children will facing at the exam.

Why mock papers are considered important?

CEM mocks test online offer huge benefits such as giving a general idea of what the real paper will be. The mocks will also enable students to feel the exam atmosphere. Mock tests also help tutors and parents to identify weak areas of the children and correct them by revising. By undergoing mock tests you will develop the courage to face the test paper and answer questions with confidence. A confident child is better prepared than the one that get scared at the sight of unfamiliar questions and question patterns.

Who else should be attending mock tests?

Your mid should start attending these mocks in the year 5 because at this stage. The children would have developed quiet bit of knowledge and understanding. And able to take on mock tests under time-limited conditions. You should make sure that your child must cover a considerable amount of examination content. Without mock tests they are likely to be short of confidence and feeling unmotivated.   If your child is just 4 then it does not have to take mock tests or even attempt them. Taking mock tests early can make child lethargic about exams which obviously will result in making stupid errors. They can attend partially or reduced time exams to improve their knowledge, concentration and timing.  

When to take mock tests?

All students looking to take real exam this year should begin practicing. The 11 plus mock test at least 6 months in advance. This is sufficient enough time to get a grasp of the test paper and identify. The flaws your children have in solving the problems and facing the challenges the tests put in front and correct them. You should have started earlier and complete mock tests at regular intervals. It is a good idea to gradually increase difficulties and frequency of the mock tests they come closer to your exam dates.

Where to attempt the mock tests?

11 plus Mock test is conducted at weekends by many mock centres. You can do some research on the internet to find out those centres. You should find them in advance preferably in nearby locations and do it. Well in advance so you are not left out of the race. With Covid-19 restriction in place teh mock test centres are likely to conduct the tests online. These online mock tests are still effective and are recognized by concerned institutions.