All in One WordPress Migration


Presented in 2013 and utilized by north of 60 million sites, Across the board, WP Relocation is evidently one of WordPress’ most trusted and used modules for moving sites effortlessly.

Eagerly worked in light of the non-specialized client, Across the board, WP Relocation comes stacked with beginner agreeable capabilities that permit you to move your WordPress site with next to zero specialized information or experience. If you want more information on WordPress Migration then do this.

Introduce Across the board WP Movement module.

Raise a ruckus around town button to package your data set, media documents, modules, and subjects into one clean record.

Empty the report at the new region with an easy-to-use “rearranged” feature in the WordPress dashboard of your new site.

Follow these three basic advances, and your site will inhabit its new area with negligible pressure and zero free time! One element that makes Across board WP Relocation generally wanted (to the tune of more than 6,000 5-star client audits) is that the specialized necessities for introducing the module are basic.


Assuming you have WordPress rendition somewhere in the range of 3.3 and 6.0 and PHP variant somewhere in the range of 5.2.17 and 8.1.6, you are all set. Across the board, WP Movement likewise upholds all renditions of MySQL and MariaDB.

Highlights Spotlight:

Upholds custom transfers, modules, and subject organizers, from there, the sky is the limit.

Accessible in the north of 50 language interpretations – including Japanese.

Available for people with inabilities (WCAG 2.1 AA Level consistent)

No limits on having or working framework.

Upholds an immense scope of facilitating suppliers — click here for a full rundown of upheld suppliers.

A not insignificant rundown of premium expansions that empowers you to accomplish more.

Cell phone viable.

Savvy and immaculate auto-substitution of site URL during import.

Full item support.

PeruseWordPress documents online with Traktor Web

Extricate WordPress documents on your PC with Traktor Work area

Also, parcels more!

Here are different motivations to involve Across the board WP Movement …

Confided in by the Public authority and Huge Companies:

Numerous venture clients, government associations, and colleges use,

love, and trust Across the board WP Relocation. Here are some: Boeing, NASA, VW, IBM, Harvard College, Stanford College, Lego, P&G, Automattic, Territory of California, and Province of Hawaii. This expansive reception and use of Across the board WP Movement exhibit how protected, solid and versatile the module is for pretty much any site relocation need.

Full Similarity and Backing:

Across the board, WP Relocation has been widely tried and affirmed to be viable with most WordPress modules and subjects.

This implies you don’t get to encounter cross-module similarity gives that can dial back, bug, or separate your WordPress site when you introduce and involve Across board WP Movement.

Truly, Across the board, WP Relocation has cooperated with different subject/module merchants to convey their topics/modules with us as a solitary, simple-to-utilize, simple-to-introduce bundle.

These merchants trust us and our module to give their clients solid item conveyance, backing, movements, and reinforcements.

Distributed storage Upheld:

Across the board, WP Movement upholds and adjusts consistently with top distributed storage administrations. The module comes preinstalled on all Bitnami WordPress locales running on AWS, Google Process Cloud, and Microsoft Sky blue.

Administrator Record

If the administrator account on the site you’re bringing in from has an alternate username and email address than your account, you can not get to the site in the wake of finishing the relocation. To keep away from this, guarantee that the administrator client on the site you’re relocating from utilizes the equivalent username and email address as your account.


Assuming the site you’re relocating from has the Jetpack module introduced, detach Jetpack to keep away from a personality emergency.

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Stage One: Commodity Your Current Site

Introduce and actuate the Across the board WP Movement module on the site you wish to import to

In the site’s dashboard, go to Across the board WP Movement → Commodity.

Assuming you’re utilizing a similar space name on the new site, you don’t have to utilize the find and supplant highlight by any means in-One WP Movement → Commodity. Nonetheless, in the event that you’re changing area names as a component of the relocation, you’ll need to initially enter your ongoing space name in the Find field and your new area name in the Supplant field. Then, at that point, produce your Commodity document utilizing the means beneath.

Click Product to and pick the Record choice. Different strategies you see here will cost cash, while the Record choice is incorporated with the free adaptation of Across the board WP Movement.

Trust that the record will complete the process of planning.

Click the download choice to save the document to your PC. The document will be in a .wpress design.

Stage Two: Import to

On your site, introduce and actuate the Across the board WP Movement module. In the site’s dashboard, go to Across the board WP Relocation → Import.

Click Import from and pick the Record choice.

Select the .wpress record from your PC that you downloaded before.

Hang tight for the transfer to finish. Contingent upon the size of the site, this can take some time. Once the transfer gets done, click Continue to affirm that you wish to overwrite the current site.