6 Key Advice For Catering Afternoon Tea!

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Organizing a tea party is perhaps the easiest and most graceful method to handle afternoon activities. However, this no longer has to be the situation. Afternoon parties might be less formal than they were in the past. Whatever the occasion, you can collaborate with a catering business to ensure you have the most enjoyable and intriguing tea party.

Many factors need to be considered to organize a fabulous tea party. It’s fortunate for you if this concerns you. You can find an in-depth manual on organizing an afternoon tea party in this article. To create the most pleasing unforgettable tea party experience, you can go over these stages in further depth with your afternoon tea catering company.


You should first consider the theme of your event. It would be best if you structured your invites following the formality and topic of the party. The degree of formality varies depending on the type of invitation. A clothing constraint can also be mentioned in the proposal.

Food Preparation

There is no separation between afternoon tea events and finger snacks. Sweet desserts, including bread, cakes, scones, and fruits, are typically included in a standard English afternoon tea buffet. To keep your visitors entertained if you’re planning a more global party, provide tapas foods, cold cut platters, sandwiches, and cheeses. You must guarantee that everything adheres to your pattern if you wish your event to be elegant and refined, so ensure it does.

Setting Up Your Table

After dining, we will talk about the settings. You must first consider the location. It’s either inside or outside. What kind of platform will be available for speeches? How can you organize the tables so everyone can access the pastries? What kind of décor will be used for the table? A decorated food table is something else we advise you to have. This will guarantee the satisfaction of your visitors.

Providing Hot Refreshments

Consider these traditional tea rituals if the afternoon tea celebration is classy. To allow guests to refill their pots conveniently, you should also ensure the tea is made in advance. Doing this ensures that everything runs more smoothly and that everyone has good tea to relish. You prevent spoons and tea bags from piling up on plates and seeming messy, be sure to supply every table with a container for disposal.


We advise you to speak with a florist regarding the decorations. The budget, theme, and choosing colors for the party can all be disclosed. Keeping the décor with the remainder of the celebration will be more accessible.

Employing a Formal Tea Catering Crew

You might want expert assistance since we recognize that thinking about all of this could be intimidating. Choosing a suitable theme for your occasion might be assisted by a reputable tea catering expert. Additionally, you may participate in every procedure, guaranteeing that the event reflects your features. 

Therefore, give Pearl Lemon Cafe a call immediately if you need help developing a concept for an unforgettable afternoon tea event.