Accounting and Taxation Services

There are many advantages of hiring an Accounting and Taxation services firm. Not only will they handle the accounting aspect of your business, but they will also help you develop a solid business strategy. Accounting firms provide one-stop-shop solutions for your financial and tax needs. Accounting firms handle a variety of challenges faced by different types of businesses, and some businesses cannot fill their accounting positions because they cannot find the right candidates. Others may have trouble finding a staff that can adapt quickly to their business and new requirements.



Established in 1953, S.S. Kothari Mehta & Co. is a leading chartered accountancy firm in India. The firm has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chandigarh, with the head office in New Delhi. The firm has about 500 people on its payroll, Accounting and Taxation services including partners and other professionals with 20 to 50 years of experience. The firm has maintained a stellar reputation throughout the country and has a pan-India presence through its network of prominent associates.

SSKM Accounting and Taxation services are one-stop-shops for a comprehensive business strategy. Our members are specialized in many areas, including wealth management, legal advisory, forensic accounting, and human resources consulting. These teams collaborate to provide integrated solutions, combining the skills of their specialists and offering clients smart financial advice and proactive services. They are committed to helping their clients meet their goals by providing expert advice and tailor-made solutions.


Nangia Accounting and Taxation services provide a range of accounting, taxation and corporate finance services to companies in the region. These services are provided by experts in these areas and are backed by funding and revenue generated by the region. Whether you’re a small or mid-sized business looking to start or grow in the region, Nangia can help. Here are some of the services that they offer.

Nangia has offices around the world and 450 professionals in its tax and transfer pricing practice. International Tax Review, UK, consistently rates Nangia as a leading tax firm. Their seasoned professionals combine expertise with objectivity and integrity to ensure that clients receive the best possible service. Their clients can rest assured that they’ll receive professional advice based on their unique circumstances, and will always receive the highest quality service.

Nangia & Co. LLP, a leading firm in the tax advisory industry, has been operating in the Gurgaon region for over 30 years. As an independent firm, they are a member of Praxity, the largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms worldwide. Their services have been consistently ranked as one of the world’s leading tax and accounting firms in International Tax Review, World Tax Guide, and other publications.

The firm’s Advisory services and Tax & Regulatory services teams bring together expertise in specialized fields to provide the best accounting and taxation services in India. Their highly specialized team members provide specialized services that help businesses achieve their goals. They use their in-depth knowledge of various fields to provide clients with smart, proactive financial advice. These services are tailored to meet the needs of their clients and will give them confidence to realize their full potential.

Marcum LLP

If you are looking for an accounting and taxation services LLP may be the firm for you. Founded in 1951, the firm is one of the largest independent public accounting firms in the United States, with offices in the New York metropolitan area and select international markets. Marcum LLP’s specialized industry practices include nonprofit and social sector organizations and privately held companies. With over 1,600 professionals and 200 partners, the firm is positioned to serve your needs.

Whether you need help preparing your taxes or simply need to talk to an accountant, Marcum can help you with all your financial questions. The firm has earned the endorsement of New Haven Business News and the Long Island Business Journal for its tax and accounting services. Its extensive experience and high standards of professionalism allow it to consistently achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction. The firm also has a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Ernst & Young

Based in London, England, Ernst & Young has offices in over 140 countries. Their corporate structure is complex, comprised of separate independent entities. Depending on the country, these firms are governed by different regulations. Currently, Ernst & Young is not publicly listed, but would most likely be listed on the London stock exchange if the company were publicly traded. In addition to providing auditing and tax services, the firm also provides advisory services for a wide variety of industries.

As their revenues grew, so did their clientele. In 1991, they had revenues of $10.3 million and $10.9 million in 1992. This was the year that healthcare and hospital reforms began, creating a demand for consultants and accountants. However, auditing still remained the firm’s primary service. In 1992, they conducted the most audits for publicly held multinational companies. In fact, they were the second largest accounting firm in the world.

The history of Ernst & Young dates back to 1848. The company was founded by Arthur Young and Alwin Ernst, who never met each other and merged their firms in 1989. The firm became the world’s fourth largest accounting firm after the merger with Arthur Young. In 1895, Young broke away from Stuart and Young, and was soon ranked as one of the world’s largest. Today, the company continues to be one of the top accounting firms, with offices in London, Chicago, and New York City.

The firm has agreed to pay a settlement to the government of about $10.6 million. The money was to cover its loss in a failed audit. The settlement relieves the firm of potential penalties of $1 billion. It also required the firm to change its accounting practices and make sure its partners comply with federal guidelines. The company will also be required to implement a quality and integrity program to prevent future violations. So far, this settlement is a huge win for the company and its clients.

The company’s global reputation reflects their high quality of work and culture. In fact, Forbes magazine ranked it as the ninth largest private company. The firm has won numerous awards, including the Top Business Award from P&G and the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise, Teleos, in Hong Kong and the CFO Awards in Australia. This firm’s ethos is to help clients succeed and grow. Its reputation is second to none.