About Tectonic crypto (TONIC); Should one invest in it?

Tectonic crypto
Tectonic crypto

Bitcoin is now a decades-old cryptocurrency and is no more a buzz today. And it is all because there are now ten thousand alternate coins in 2022 including the popular ones Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, Avalanche, Ripple, Cardano, and more. One more addition to this brigade of alternatives is Tectonic crypto or TONIC. No matter cryptocurrency is a major success today no matter if they are prone to market volatility. 

Still, many investors find it necessary to check whether the particular cryptocurrency they are investing in is legit or suitable for investment or not. So is Tectonic crypto legit? Well, we will all know about it in this article. 

Tectonic crypto (TONIC): A brief introduction

What is Tectonic crypto? It is the native cryptocurrency of the Tectonic protocol that functions in the DeFi (decentralized finance) space for the services – lending and burrowing. It is also denoted as TONIC. Being a new player in the crypto arena, investors must not be blind enough in going for its purchase. Instead, they should be careful enough about its price volatility. 

More about TONIC

You must have not known much about TONIC and might think of it as a new crypto meme token or doubtful of its being a legitimate crypto project or not. And this brings us the need to know about it further. TONIC came into existence in December last year (2021). 500 trillion is supposed to be its total supply and the price is a fraction of a cent. 

As mentioned above, TONIC is the native crypto of its native Tectonic protocol. This decentralized finance platform is powered by a blockchain named CRONOS supported by Crypto.com. Lending and borrowing are the two main functions of this platform. It also leads to earning of passive income by the suppliers. Users can pledge their assets as collateral by borrowing crypto assets for short-term trading, staking, and yield farming. 

There are 8 crypto assets referred for borrowing and lending by Tectonic at present. These include USD Coin, Wrapped Ethereum, DAI Stablecoin, Cronos, TrueUSD, Wrapped Bitcoin, and of course, Tether, and Tectonic (TONIC). But how does Tectonic crypto is involved in it? Well, even though, there are no real use cases for this crypto token, the Tectonic protocol emphasizes the introduction of staking for token holders as a reward., network security, growth, and boosting the use of TONIC in the coming years. 

Is TONIC legitimate or not?

Before that one needs to know that the Tectonic protocol is the fork of one of the most secured protocols named Compound protocol. A blockchain ecosystem security firm, Slowmist, is behind the auditing of the dealings of Tectonic. However, both the Tectonic protocol platform and its native crypto TONIC are in the early stage of development. Being new to the crypto space, it cannot be trusted blindly, as it might be too risky for buying. 

Does Tectonic crypto make a good choice for investment?

If you are looking for a token to buy at the cheapest rate, then TONIC is one such option to go with. At the current market prices. You can buy 1 billion tokens for less than $200. But this does not indicate appreciation of the value of TONIC. Investors must be cautious while approaching it. 

On the flip side, if the downward graph of the crypto market gets receded, then one can expect a dramatic rise in the demand for Tectonic crypto TONIC initiated by the Tectonic protocol. Still, it is advisable not to do much investment in this new crypto. Invest in little amount so that you can afford to lose the minimum. 

Where to get TONIC crypto?

There are 3 cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy TONIC crypto. These are:

HotBit exchange

HotBit is one of the crypto exchanges where you can buy Tectonic crypto. It only accepts Tether for those interested in having TONIC. 

VVS exchange

VVS comes as another option to purchase Tectonic cryptos. The decentralized exchange (DEX) lets users buy TONIC with other cryptos including VVS Finance, or with USDC, and Wrapped CRO. 

Crypto.com exchange

Coming on next is the Crypto.com exchange. One of the main advantages of this crypto exchange is it is known by most people. Here users can choose to buy TONIC with either USD Coin or Tether. 

Final words

So this is all you need to know about Tectonic crypto or TONIC. Today, in this article we gave you a brief overview of this cryptocurrency and whether it should be safe enough to be invested in or not. Well, being new to crypto, investors must abstain from taking any hasty steps. TONIC can be purchased from Crypto.com, HotBit, and VVS exchange. 

The Tectonic crypto price prediction for 2025 is expected to reach its maximum at $0.00000125. The average price would be around $0.00000107. The current price is $0.0000001871. Keep track of crypto price predictions on Cryptoknowmics, the leading crypto guide for crypto enthusiasts.