AA Meeting: What If I Don’t Want to Attend?

Alcoholism Recovery: What if I Don't Want to Join AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous is famous for helping millions of men and women quit drinking. Yet, there are people who look down on this global fellowship with skepticism. If you are an alcoholic and wish to quit drinking, you must attend a meeting to know what it actually is. Simply assuming things or doubting their authenticity is naïve. 

What if I don’t wish to attend a meeting yet quit alcohol? 

You can find several other therapies to quit alcohol, apart from AA. It is not mandatory to attend an AA meeting in Massachusetts to become sober. It’s okay if you don’t want to be a part of Alcoholics Anonymous. You can choose some other recovery program. 

However, the fact that AA has been around for decades (since 1935) proves that it truly works in helping an alcoholic turn sober. Otherwise, it would have long gone into oblivion. 

A lot many recovery programs encourage people to undergo the 12-step program, which is an integral part of AA. 

Significance of 12 steps in becoming sober

The 12 steps are not mere steps. They are stepping stones towards a sober and successful life. You can also apply the steps in various aspects of your life. 

When you miss attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, you miss experiencing the marvelous results of these steps. 

Atmosphere of openness towards alcohol use disorder

Meetings have an open atmosphere wherein alcoholics are free to discuss their alcohol problems. They can share their stories and experiences of struggling to quit alcohol. 

Those who successfully become sober also continue to attend meetings and encourage their fellow members to become sober. They share how they were able to quit alcohol. Their stories inspire other members. 

Missing your local AA meetings means missing all those inspiring stories and wonderful ideas and advice exchanged between members.

Learning and un-learning things 

Meetings are limited to exchanging stories and ideas. They serve as platforms where you learn how to become sober and, more importantly, stay sober. You can use tools like Sobriety Calculator, find a sponsor who supports you in thick and thin of sobriety and make sober friends. 

It is a place that also makes you un-learn certain things you did in your active alcoholic days. You un-learn to have fun with alcohol. You learn to find joy in non-alcoholic things of life. 

Excitement of sharing your sobriety experience 

Every meeting holds the charm of meeting your new sober friends and sharing your sober experiences. You are all excited to talk about your successes and failures in your sobriety journey. 

There are many moments of awe in the meetings when members share their amazing journey from being an alcoholic to being sober. 

When you search for “AA meeting near me” you aren’t searching just for a meeting; you are searching for a life-changing experience. 

Yet, if you still don’t wish to attend a meeting, it’s okay. You can choose some other recovery program. But, you will be depriving yourselves of the wonderful transformations that happen to people who participate regularly in meetings. 

AA isn’t famous for nothing. 

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