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silver trading with ISA Bullion on mobile app
In the beginning, Silver was considered sacred. It dates to more than 7,000 years ago, and archaeological excavations suggest that it was among the first precious metals used by human beings. In prehistoric religions, Silver was considered a symbol of the sun. As a result, jewelry and religious jewelry were created.

From the time of 700BC, Silver became a significant economic element and was used in the creation of coins. Contrary to other elements in the chemical realm and elements, Silver has profoundly shaped the history of humankind: it spurred the development of large cities, provoked conflicts, led to the creation of independent states, and attracted an enormous amount of interest during the famed Silver rush.

At present, Silver is still prevalent. Investors and traders trade Silver to gain from the fluctuation in its prices. People often use it to hedge against inflation. People, especially those living in India and China, use it to indicate prosperity and wealth. However, the most significant advantage is that you can trade in Silver, which is why people like Warren Buffet have over $550 million worth of actual Silver!

We’re sure that you’re eager to begin trading Silver. This guide will guide you to get to grips with Silver trading through the ISA Bullion app and educate you about Silver trading methods, including Silver options, futures, spot prices, and Silver ETFs. Let’s begin!

What Is Silver Trading?

Trading Silver can be done for several reasons, including pure speculation, and wanting to own. The Silver physically, or using it as a hedge against inflation. It’s unnecessary to follow the traditional mantra of ‘buy low, sell high’ when trading Silver since you can go long and short on Silver prices, taking advantage of both falling and rising markets. 

Mainly, Silver Trading involves speculating on the price of Silver markets to make a profit – usually through futures, options, spot prices, shares, and ETFs. With the advent of mobile apps such as ISA Bullion, the Silver & Silver financial markets have become more accessible for everyone through smartphones. 

Real-time Silver trading aims to predict the direction in which the market will move, regardless of your position. With ISA Bullion, you get all the tools and information you need to make the right trading decisions; however, the risk does remain since it’s speculation. 

In general, if the market moves in your direction, the more you are likely to profit; in contrast, the more it moves against you, the more losses you incur. Moreover, ISA Bullion only allows for Spot trading. 

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Silver Trading with ISA Bullion

ISA Bullion is a Dubai-based bullion trading mobile app that enables global users to earn daily profits by trading physical bullion in real time. In addition, it allows you to make instant digital Silver trading on the go, anytime, anywhere, and easily lock your profits. 

Alongside Bullion trading, ISA Bullion also facilitates physical vaulting, insurance services, and more of your actual Silver investments. They also offer two-way pricing, which means you can immediately sell the Silver back to ISA Bullion at a pre-agreed price in case you wish to trade it in an emergency. 

How to Trade Silver Online with ISA Bullion

You can trade Silver by following these four steps:

  1. Open an account for trading
  2. Identify the underlying Silver market you would like to trade
  3. Place your first trade
  4. By using fundamental and technical analysis, you can monitor your trades.

Trading Silver involves using derivative products to speculate on the underlying market price rather than buying or selling Silver bullion or coins. We offer multiple trading options, such as futures trading and spot prices. See ISA Bullion’s trading strategy if you’re interested in investing in precious physical metals.

Silver Spot Trades

You can trade Silver spot prices right now rather than at a specific date in the future. This is because there are no expiration dates on our spot commodity markets based on underlying Silver futures contracts. As a result, you won’t need to roll over your positions on expiration when you trade Silver markets.

Our spot markets are called ‘Cash’ for CFDs and Daily funded bets for spread bets. Cash bets and DFBs are ideal for short-term trading since they have tight spreads and no expiry dates – so you can keep them open for as long as you like. Keeping the trade open after the market closes will incur an overnight funding fee.

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What Moves Silver Prices?

The price of Silver is determined by supply and demand, as with all exchange-traded markets. As a result, if the collection of Silver becomes saturated and the need for Silver does not increase to match the supply, Silver’s price will fall. The cost of Silver will rise if the demand for Silver increases without a corresponding increase in supply.

Silver’s price is affected by several factors, including:

  • Uncertainty in the Economic and Political Arenas

When the economy is in turmoil, Silver is used as a hedge against inflation as a safe-haven asset. Because of its traditional use as a store of value as well as its stability over time, Silver has earned the reputation of a haven. However, on the rise, traders and investors may choose to store their wealth in Silver rather than higher-risk assets, causing the price of Silver to rise.

  • Industrial Uses of Silver

There is a high demand for Silver in the jewelry, technology, and investment sectors. However, the market is relatively stable due to the constant and diverse need for Silver. For example, even though economic uncertainty may lower demand for jewelry and electronics, investment flows would prevent extreme fluctuations in the Silver price.

  • New Discoveries: 

As Silver is finite, new Silver mining ventures will eventually become unprofitable. However, the mining industry still provides 75% of all Silver supply. Therefore, any discovery of Silver will increase its availability and increase in the short term. In addition to recycling, which comes from jewelry and technology, is also a significant source of supply.

  • The US Dollar Value: 

Due to the US dollar’s high value, investors may find Silver more or less attractive depending on the greenback price. Therefore, it would benefit someone interested in purchasing Silver in a foreign currency if the US dollar fell in value.

  • Popularity as a Store of Value

Silver has historically been valued for its emotional, cultural, and financial value. Globally, people of all socioeconomic levels and cultures regarded Silver as a symbol of wealth.

While Silver’s value is relatively stable, its popularity as a store of value can lead to more significant rises and falls than those experienced by other commodities.


ISA Bullion is the ideal platform to execute real-time Silver trades for profits. Anywhere and anytime, ISA Bullion lets you trade the Silver with ease directly from your smartphone or desktop, regardless of geography. 

Get started in four easy with the ISA Bullion app today! 

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