A Look Into What Future Commercial Restrooms May Look Like

The future commercial restrooms will be about cleanliness, conservation, and space. From large spaces to small ones, restrooms will refocus on providing safe and hygienic spaces with automatic and touchless features; creating highly-efficient and functional restrooms; and maximizing spaces with simpler, minimalist designs.

If you want to go with the times, you can start by installing modern, feature-rich restroom fixtures. Think Kohler commercial faucets. Kohler is one of the leading names in innovative bathrooms. They have faucets that are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, it’s easy to find one that suits your taste.

There are other great brands out there and other fixtures that will truly showcase the needs of modern American restroom users. Let’s look at the different drivers of restroom designs below.

Challenges of Commercial Restrooms

COVID-19 has aided the advancement of public restroom design in a variety of ways. Customers are increasingly looking for a great toilet experience, and public expectations for sanitation in facilities are at an all-time high. Hygiene and resource conservation are top priorities, tempered by our instinctive need to be surrounded by beautiful designs.

Restrooms of the future must cater to these needs and provide not only a clean space but also fixtures that promote a safer and better restroom experience.

Touchless Technology

Sensor-activated faucets first became popular in the early 1980s and have since proven to be one of the most essential and long-lasting developments in restroom designs. Fixtures have improved in terms of dependability, affordability, and efficiency over the years, and with it, their popularity. This popularity and trend toward touchless technology will continue.

Other functionality and efficiency will also remain popular. These days, the newest touchless fixture solutions integrate trough-type sinks with faucets, dryers, and soap dispensers.

Modern bathrooms benefit from the installation of trough sinks, which are both elegant and functional. Trough sinks are big sink basins with several wash stations or dual wash stations. Trough sinks can be wall-mounted, resting on countertops, or built into the countertops to match the faucets.

The key goals of these combo-style units are to maintain safety and attractiveness. Because handwashing and drying take place in the same area, water spillage on the floor is minimized, reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

Conservation of Resources

Sustainability is another critical factor. Hand dryers, for example, are not only convenient but also help to cut paper towel waste.

Waterless urinals, which became popular in the 1990s, will continue to become a popular resource-saving fixture. Post-pandemic concerns will dictate touchless units to combine with this water-saving feature, and touchless technology will not be limited to faucets but will include all toilets, as well.

In the future, it’s also possible to see waterless or composting toilets such as those seen in RVs. Aided by the rising cost of water, larger public restrooms might adopt this technology soon. The shift to waterless technology for commercial use, according to experts, might happen in the next ten years.

The Perfect Commercial Restroom

The future of public restroom designs will be defined by a combination of procedures, including an analysis of user demands, and the use of cutting-edge technology to address resource conservation, safety, and cleanliness. These aspects, when combined with a careful selection of materials and fixtures for appearance retention and cleanability, will significantly improve the consumer experience.

Interim actions to achieve a perfect restroom are critical to any long-term renovation plans. To allow facilities managers to plan their budgets to meet these goals, a step-by-step approach must be in place.

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