A List of Contracts you Might Need to Work on While Dealing With a Translation Agency

Suppose you turn to the global platform apart from an impeccable marketing plan, a team of experienced professionals, and the right targeting strategy. In that case, the one thing that you will need is world-class translation services. 

Only giant companies used to embrace translation services since going global was not an option for SMEs, but everything has changed with the advent of the internet. Now even startups are entering into transactions with foreign dealers and targeting the foreign market without spending a fortune. 

If you have already worked with a translation agency, you must be aware of the pre-requisites before the agency can start working on your project, but if this is your first time, then you have come to the right place. 

Apart from choosing the right translation service provider and understanding their process, you must know about the different contracts you might have to deal with while working with a translation agency service provider. 

Translation service agreement 

This is the most common agreement one must deal with while working with a translation agency providing traducciones certificadas. In this agreement, in which different assignments and jobs are covered. It builds a structure for an ongoing business relationship, mostly between a client and the translation agency. 

Not covered under a translation service agreement are deadline, price, language pair, quality, and even job. Upon approval and authorized signature, both parties must comply with the contract’s terms and agreements. 

In layman’s language, we can say that the translation service agreements designed by the company providing traducciones certificadas outline the relationship between a business and a translation service provider. 

Translation job contract 

This is another common contract you might encounter while working with a translation agency dealing in traductor oficial. This type of one-time agreement covers tasks, assignments, or jobs on an individual level. Keep in mind that the translation job contract only deals with a specific job’s specifications. 

The terms mentioned in the translation job contract should be outlined for every job, even if it is the case of one-time projects for direct businesses who might not opt for your translation service again. 

Confidentiality agreement 

Suppose you are searching for traducciones certificadas near me. In that case, the confidentiality agreement should never be considered a prerequisite to work with a translation agency offering a traductor oficial as this agreement only comes into the picture if necessary. A few clients always ask their translation agency to sign a confidentiality agreement before assigning the project. 

The main objective of using this agreement is to keep the confidential and sensitive information provided by the client safe. According to the agreement, the translation undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the information shared by the client. 

Non-disclosure agreement 

The non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements define knowledge, information, or material that the parties wish to share with each other but wish to restrict access to only the involved third parties. 

In the case of this contract, all the parties involved in the contract agree never to disclose the information shared, offered, or provided. This means, with the help of a non-disclosure agreement, a confidential relationship is built between the involved parties, which is done to avoid the leaking of any trade secret or confidential information. 


When it comes to the copyright of the work product from the translator, it should never be mixed or confused with confidentiality, and you should also know that it can never be part of the confidentiality agreement. However, copyright can be incorporated into the translation service agreement or even in the translation job contract.

Professional liability insurance 

The use of professional liability insurance in the case of translation service might sound a bit odd, but a few translators opt for this insurance. When this insurance is used, the translation agency gets protection if the client goes through a financial crisis because of mistakes or negligence from the translator’s side. 

Some professional liability insurances even cover the legal fee when defending a case in court because of such issues. But the clients won’t have to worry about such insurances since it is used only by the translation agencies. 

Suppose you are new to the world of translation. In that case, apart from unraveling the secrets of finding the traducciones certificadas near me, you should also gather information about the different types of contracts you might get into. If you are unsure about even a single term or condition mentioned in the agreement, you should never move forward without clearing the doubt.