A Five-Point Guide to Understanding Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine has been significant both for research and laboratory experiments. In addition, it has been used for a Drug test which is one of the requirements when applying for jobs. When carrying out other tests, some people successfully skip them or forge the results. However, generating the urine sample is very hard. Synthetic urine has been used widely to fake urine. 

Synthetic Urine


What is Synthetic Urine? 

Synthetic urine is fake urine composed of chemicals and coloring components used to pass the drug test. Synthetic urine is produced to resemble the original human urine. Apart from being used in a drug test, artificial urine is significant in experiments in the laboratory. Companies that make mattresses, medical devices, and diapers also use synthetic urine to test the possible impact of urine on their products. Individuals who have traces of hard drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, or other illegal drugs use artificial urine to pass the drug test. Significant components of synthetic urine include; uric acids, urea, creatine, and nitrates. In addition, it has an optimal pH level similar to natural urine. It also has a urine smell and cannot be differentiated from real urine. 

What to look for when Choosing a Synthetic Urine 

Since most labs have learned the faking urine, they have upgraded their testing techniques to ensure accurate results. Therefore, when choosing artificial urine for any drug test, you have to look for a brand that has upgraded its urine manufacturing to fit the new urine testing standards. When looking for artificial urine, you have to look for the following components/criteria in urine. 

  • It should contain uric acid, which ensures your artificial urine has an optimal pH level like the natural urine 
  • It should contain urea, about two percent 
  • Must contain creatine   
  • The pH level should be normal 

It would be best to look for stores that sell synthetic urine and buy it from dependable manufacturers when looking for reliable and quality synthetic urine to forge the drug test results. The ingredients and the components they use in the synthetic urine and how advanced they are to fit the current testing standards. You can apply for a synthetic urine buying guide to help you acquire the right artificial urine.  

How Will You Know Good Synthetic urine 

If you have never come across synthetic urine, you are likely misled by the color and the smell. However, some factors will help you determine whether the synthetic urine is excellent and high-quality. One, you have to know the temperature of your synthetic urine. Good synthetic urine will have a minimum temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius. With such temperatures, your synthetic urine will not look suspicious or fake. When your urine is too hot or cold, you will fail the urine test. Secondly, you have to look at the urine color. Your synthetic urine should have a yellowish color and smell like regular urine. Colorless and odorless colors may raise some suspicions, and the lab technician might force to take another urine. Therefore, to know good synthetic urine, you have to look at the color and the smell. Vitamin B is responsible for the yellow coloring pigment, and hence you should ensure your artificial urine has it.  

  testing of Synthetic Urine


How To Get Ready For A Test Using Synthetic Urine 

Before taking a urine test using artificial urine, you must prepare yourself adequately. Once you have bought your artificial urine, you also need to buy a high-standard synthetic urine kit. A suitable synthetic urine kit will accurately mimic the natural urine. In addition, you have to compose yourself and be confident to answer any question that may arise during the test.  

Synthetic Urine samples


How To Properly Use Artificial Urine 

Some manufacturers will provide you with guidelines on using your synthetic urine; following the guidelines will help you avoid any possible suspicion and keep you alert. In addition to the policies you get from the manufacturer, the following tips can help guide you on how to use your synthetic urine. 

  • Preheat your urine sample in a microwave for about 10 seconds. Preheating your artificial urine ensures that your urine is at the required temperature range. Remember that urine that is below the minimum temperature or one that exceeds the maximum temperature will automatically be disregarded.   
  • When transferring your synthetic urine into a testing kit, you must do it quickly. This ensures that your urine does not lose its temperature.   
  • If you can get a prosthetic penis device, they can be better in hiding and faking your urine. 
  • You should acquire synthetic urine that has been manufactured according to the current testing standards and mimics the real urine. 

Synthetic Urine Kit 

If you plan to use synthetic urine, you must understand what an artificial urine kit is and how to use it. A plastic flask is one of the best synthetic urine kits for a fake urine test. It helps you mix and hold the synthetic urine. The flask has a temperature regulator that controls your urine at an optimum temperature. 

Wrapping Up 

When using synthetic urine for drug test, research, or experiments, you have to acquire the right artificial urine. The quality of the synthetic urine will always affect the results. In addition, ensure you use the appropriate kits to store synthetic urine.