A Comprehensive Guide for Choosing The Right Drum Handling equipment

There are many industries like chemical, wastewater, and even F&B where the need for drum handling equipment is imperative. Choosing the right size and type of drum handling equipment is necessary to maintain seamlessness and ease of work. 

Various drums are used in different industries, but the most common is the 55-gallon drum, which is the international size. But it is not just about the size of drums as one needs to safely handle them since they contain different types of chemicals and raw materials, mostly in liquid form. 

Since drums are cheap and can even be recycled without any hassle, the drum handling equipment you choose matters greatly, so let’s see how you can select the best equipment. 

How do you lift those heavy drums?

Some important questions that you should answer before choosing a drum handling equipment are:

  • Have you ever seen a person using a forklift to handle drums improperly?
  • Have you ever seen people rolling drums on its rims?
  • Have you ever seen someone mixing the mixtures inside the drum by rolling it on the floor?
  • Have you ever seen a drum being rolled on a makeshift ramp?
  • Have you done any of the above?

The one thing that you should keep in mind is that even a 55-gallon drum can weigh anything 907kg and this is the main reason why the handling of these heavy drums should always be left to drum handling equipment. 

It is always a challenging job to handle those 55-gallon drums and another layer of difficulty is added when you consider the limited space in which you have to move the drums swiftly and without colliding with anything. 

But the irritation of moving drums in limited space should be the least of your worries since improper handling can lead to a disaster. Apart from the damages and spills burning a hole in your pocket, mishandling the drums can also lead to severe injuries. 

This is why you should always consider the type of drums you are dealing with in your premise before making a final call on any drum handling equipment. Otherwise, you might spend a fortune and still be rolling drums on the floor. 

The different types of drum handling equipment 

Now that you have understood the importance of buying the right drum handling equipment for sale, you must be aware of the different types of drum handling equipment available in the market. 

There are more than 12 types of drum handling equipment in the market but not all of those are suitable for every job. First, you must go through the most common drum handling equipment for sale and then choose the right one according to your need. 

Consider the operators 

The one thing that you should keep in mind is not everyone in your workforce will be good at handling every kind of drum handling equipment, and therefore, the skills and ability of the operators should always be kept in mind while scouring the internet for the best drum handling equipment suppliers

Apart from this, you should take an inventory of your workforce, go through their strengths and weaknesses and then assign the task of drum handling accordingly. This is the one thing that you can never overlook. 

Analyze your goal and objective 

If you are planning on avoiding drum damage, then you should go with those drum handling equipment that comes with heavy padding, but if your objective is to boost the speed of drum shifting then you can choose those drum handling equipment that can deal with multiple drums at a time. 

Your main objective will greatly impact which type of drum handling equipment you choose; therefore, you should always be clear about your goal and objective. 

Choosing the right drum handling equipment is not rocket science as all you need is the basic information about such equipment, and you also need to be clear about what you expect from the best drum handling equipment.