A beautiful weekend hike in Himachal


The most famous treks in the Western Himalayas are found in Himachal Pradesh, such as Deo Tibba Trek or Hampta Pass Trek. If you don’t feel like eating, or if you’re just starting out as a traveler, you don’t need to stress. Himachal Pradesh has a route for everyone who responds to the call of the mountains. You can find many short, hypnotizing journeys in Himachal Pradesh.

Kareri Lake Trek

Individuals looking for options from more remote Himachal trails such as Kheerganga and Prashar lakes, Triund, or Triund can enjoy the Kareri Lake Journey at the end of the week. This is a great beginner DIY trail for those who are looking for food options and camping spots. It takes just 3 days to complete a simple 26km journey. There are many routes that you can take, including streams crossings and wooden extensions. You also have to climb a few times to reach the incredible height of 9,650 feet. The stunning beauty of Kareri lake, perfectly roosted in the Dhauladhar ranges shocks you as you look up. It is home to many interesting species of birds, and it is also surrounded by trees.

Beas Kund trek

Beas Kund, located in the Dhauladhar Range in the Himalayas is not only an exceptional spot but also a place of immense chronic importance. Beas Kund is reached by a short trip. The journey is approximately 15-17 km long and can be completed in 3 days. Because it’s not extremely exhausting, it’s easy for everyone. This excursion doesn’t require you to be a pro at traveling. You can also stay at the campsites along the route and enjoy the magnificent beauty. If you’re lucky enough, you might also be able to delight your eyes at the stunning views of Mt Indrasen and Deo Tibba. Enjoy a wonderful setting up camp meeting while you enjoy stargazing in the cool evening at the vast array of beautiful night skies from your tent.

Bara Bhangal trek

The Bara Bhangal (also known as the Shepherd Trek) takes adventurers to Bara Bhangal in Himachal Pradesh. You will be able to see amazing places like Lama Dugh and Kalihani as well as Riyali Thach, Devi ki Marhi and Plachak before arriving at Bara Bhangal. Travelers will also have the opportunity to cross the Indrasan glacial Mass and the Bara Shigri. This will undoubtedly add to the excitement. When they arrive in Bara Bhangal, travelers will have the opportunity to see the Kalihani Pass Trek or Thamsar Pass. You will be able to witness Pin Panjal and Dhauladhar at work, while also being thrown back into the bustling city life. Although the main day will take you through dense backwoods, it also offers amazing views from two or three tops at hole and an elevated level studded by thick blasts of high vegetation in a definitive foot.


Malana Village trek

The 4-kilometer-long Malana town trip takes you to the oldest town in India. It starts in Jari, Himachal. Take a long walk on the narrow, winding paths that run through the heart of the slopes. This is the best end-of-the-week journey in Himachal. You will feel refreshed by the mountain air and the hazy mornings. Exploring Kasol is a thrilling experience. It’s possible to take a stroll from Malana to Kasol. Malana’s beauty lies in its immaculateness, despite being contaminated by urbanization and having preserved its regular and social identity. The valleys and waterways create a world that is completely uncontaminated and far from the hurried pace of metro India. This town’s economy is dominated by the private cannabis exchange, also known as Malana Cream.


Triund Trek

Triund is located 18 kilometers from Dharmshala and offers stunning views of the entire Kangra valley. Online booking is possible for transport between Delhi and Mcleodganj. It is more than 1,100m uphill to get from Mcleodganj and Triund. McLeodganj, also known as little Lhasa, is a great place to experience the vibrant Tibetan culture. If you’re able to spare a few hours, consider taking a trip from Triund to Lahesh Cave. You can also explore the knolls below Indrahar Pass.


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