9 Common Interstate Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

It should come as no surprise, but relocating can be stressful. Between packing, updating addresses, picking a move-in day, and dozens of other tasks, opportunities for mistakes abound. Ask anyone about their first moving experience and you’re likely to get a huge list of things they wish they had done differently.

Forgetting To Prepare a Moving Checklist

No matter how much prepared you are, a moving checklist is a must-have for any relocation. Whether you’re shifting your business or heading to a new home, a checklist keeps you on schedule and on budget.

The best ones break the moving process down into timeframes so that you have a running list of what still needs to happen. 

Not Getting Enough Cost Quotes From Potential Moving Companies

As people prepare to start move, they focus more on things they can control first. Unfortunately, this leads them to leave out essential points in the beginning phases. Getting number of quotes is the best way to ensure that you’re getting a affordable deal. Different moving companies charge different prices for several services, and without a quote you may end up flying blind. Professional movers from Bangalore to Pune or taking cost quotations from verified moving companies saves a lot in interstate relocation.

Not Comparing Moving Estimates

After you’ve found a few professional relocating companies, it’s another common shifting mistakes to not enquire for and compare cost quotes from them. Depending on the size or your house and the moving company, relocating companies will either perform an in-house estimate to give you an idea or provide you with one average cost.

Not Consolidating Your Home Before Moving Day

One of the most expensive, and common, relocating mistakes is overpacking for the move to your new house. Not combining before a moving process is harmful on two main things. First, it adds to the complete cost of the move and second, it creates additional work when packing and unpacking.

Forgetting To Set Mail Forwarding And Change Of Address

This simple point often gets left on the behind during the hassle of a move. Many early movers miss getting a update of address in the beginning. When preparing to relocate, send a change of address request in early days. Ensure to set up mail forwarding with the post office, too. This prevents packages, essential mail, and any other items or letters from arriving at your pre-move address. This helps a lot in interstate relocation.


Improperly Labeling Boxes

During the beginning stages of a relocation, many people make the mistake of labeling the boxes at first. While you need to have a proper plan for what will go in each box, you should wait to label them until after they’ve been properly packed. This mistake makes the unpackaging process more frustrating than it needs to be.

Trying To Do Too Much By Yourself

when people move for the first time, they have the tendency to overestimate the relieve of a move. In truth, relocating needs logistics, time management, and proper equipment that most people are ill equipped to tackle it alone. Ask family or a friend for help with shifting, or reach out to people who have previously moved to discuss a plan. If a relocation service provider is in your budget, hire one. Movers know what they’re doing, and can help you identify and overcome relocation challenges. The the way to avoid this in interstate relocation is to hire expert movers from Mumbai to Bangalore or city you are moving to. They take care of the overall relocation and help us shift with ease.

Forgetting To Pack Personal Luggage

Whether you hire movers or tackle the move alone, ensure you bring personal luggage in your own vehicle. When caught up in the flurry of shifting, it’s easy to forget to pack-up essential things for yourself or your family. Inexperienced people often make this dangerous shifting mistake. It cuts you off from important medications and essential documents if a delay occurs with your moving process. To avoid this, do not forget to pack your luggage early. Even if you have to leave your things sitting in your home for a bit, it’s better than forgetting it.

Unpacking Boxes Out Of Order

Most first-time movers start to unpack the second they arrive in their new house. This mistake can cause a lot of confusion since boxes get scattered easily. Having an unpacking plan will save you ample of time and frustration. We recommend separating and setting each box in the room where its contents are supposed to go. After placing the boxes in their designated rooms, start unpacking the heavy boxes first. This method sets up the heaviest objects and furniture to make a place for your smaller belongings as you unpack.

So these are some useful tips for to avoid common moving mistakes. The best way to avoid is to hire professional movers from reputed moving companies and reference portal. AssureShift provides all kinds of relocation services that are reliable and affordable. Do Check them out


Happy Moving!