8X Sports News in Thailand

8X Sports News in Thailand

It also includes a chat room and mobile-friendly design. Furthermore, it is easy to use on your smartphone or tablet.

8X sports station

The 8X sports station in Thailand is dedicated to providing sports news in Thailand and the surrounding Asian countries. Its content is free from ads and frequently updated. It is available for desktop and mobile devices, and offers a live chat room to interact with other viewers. It also features video content, including breaking news and expert commentary, as well as a link to watch major sports tournaments online. In addition to reporting on sports, the station also covers local news and popular culture.

EightX is one of the most popular sports news websites in Thailand. It features breaking news, a fantasy sports section, and a large community of sports enthusiasts. Since it is part of the Vox Media network, the content is reliable and updated regularly. Fun888 TV, which is available on most platforms and devices, is another excellent option for sports news in Thailand. The news is presented in an engaging and informative manner. The website features sharp images and expert analysis.


8Xbet sports news in Thailand is a well-known website for sports fans in the region. The website offers breaking news, expert commentary, and live links to a number of sporting events. It is part of the Vox Media network, which maintains high standards of editorial control. It is available in English and Thai, and is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It has a large community of users and a mobile app.

The sister site of 8Xbet features a wide variety of sports news, including both Thai and English content. It also features video coverage of local sporting events and offers in-depth analyses of local sports. The site is mobile-friendly and offers regular updates. It also features articles on local sports and entertainment, such as K-pop and food promotions. Aside from 8Xbet, Sudsapda also offers a newsletter and an active forum for sports and news.


Thansettakij, 8X sports and entertainment news is a well-established Thai website with a large, diverse readership. It covers regional and national news and is geared towards a younger audience. The site features articles, videos, and live links about a range of sports. It also features a chat room where users can share their opinions on upcoming events. The site is available in Thai, English, and both PC and mobile versions. Aside from sports, Thansettakij also features a variety of video content, including live links to dozens of sporting events.

Thansettakij also covers pop culture and business news. It also has a dedicated video section and is free to access online. It is updated regularly with news from various sports, and subscribers can subscribe to receive updates via email.


Sudsapda is a well-established sports news site in Thailand, with articles available in both English and Thai. The website also features a community-driven chat room, video highlights, and comprehensive analysis of major sporting events. Published by the Amarin publishing group, Sudsapda also features live links to major sports events. The site is mobile-friendly and includes an editorial board and a newsletter. It also features articles on business and culture.

Sudsapda is free and is available on mobile devices. It offers Thai and English sports news, as well as local and regional sports news and culture. The website also features a lively community of sports fans. Members can also chat with each other and read opinion pieces about upcoming sports events.


Fun888TV 8X is a popular sports news website in Thailand, featuring breaking news and expert analysis of major sports in Thailand. The site has a user-friendly interface and provides high-quality live links to all the action. The website also features a large database of original articles. Aside from sports, it also covers entertainment and business news. There is even a section dedicated to Thai popular culture.

Sports fans will also find news about national and international sports events on Fun888TV, run by sports enthusiasts. The site offers highlights and live links to all the latest sporting events, and is available on mobile and desktop. Thais are passionate about sports, and many of their national teams regularly compete at the highest levels of international competition. Besides Fun888TV, many other sports websites and publications are popular in Thailand. Some of them include Khaosod, 8X sports, and the Dara Daily newspaper.