8 Top Reasons Why Typography Is Important

When someone visits your website, they don’t really care about graphics, they are only through textual content. This is because the text is the main source of information. So when creating content for your website, you have to take care of balancing graphics and text. This is where the typography of playing is.

Typography is about adjusting the text in the design while creating strong content. This gives an attractive appearance and maintains the aesthetic value of your content. It plays an important role in managing the whole tone of your website and ensuring a great user experience.


Typography is the art of managing all your website content, giving feelings to him, and presenting information in a professional way. If you are a web designer, then you should provide typography of several priorities. Here are 8 reasons why.

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1. This is a communication media.

Websites may be related to business or certain parts or products. When you visit the website, you can easily determine what information it provides. This is because of the use of typography.

Content settings, colors and fonts used and other minute details provide communication methods between visitors and website owners. Helvetica font is one of the best font styles for communication media. You can use Helvetica Font Generator to convert simple text into Helvetica font styles.

2. This attracts readers.

The basic approach to using typography is to choose the right font. The font must be as clean as possible. It shouldn’t be too small and bad. Using a font that is easy to read is the key presentation.

The font adds to your text value. This helps readers to understand the information from the text. The correct choice of colors, fonts, and text sizes can be proven to be very important to attract your target audience.

3. This attracts the attention of the audience.

It’s easy to attract readers using typography but attracting their attention requires more creativity. You can work to attract content interest by highlighting charming text.

Each content may contain some worldly texts. If used effectively typography can make it look attractive. The correct approach might use some interesting graphics.

4. This conveys a certain mood or feeling.

Content may be a computer game ad. It might contain some interesting features of the game. In such cases, you must design fun, fun, and glamorous content.

If your content requires seriousness, you must choose a simple, simple, and professional font. The choice of such types of letters determines how content is understood.

5. This makes information hierarchy.

Information hierarchy means categorizing text in content according to their interests. You can use various types and sizes of fonts to distinguish the most important text.

You can highlight important topics by using a larger font size. This will help the audience to easily determine the information they must pay attention to more.

6. This helps create harmony.

If you design typography and repeat the same pattern throughout your presentation, then it creates harmony. Harmony is the main feature of typographic design.

The harmonic design has an artistic effect on your website. Using the same font for the same content provides continuity. The alignment of the font with the correct proportion set your presentation and makes it not a mess.

7. This reflects professionalism.

The addition of correct typography in the design project reflects great professionalism. The use of text fonts and the right size to gain customer trust. This will add benefits to marketing your product if your website is based on business.

The professional design approach includes typography basically. Typography defines the importance of the content you provide and customers feel safe about the information they get.

8. This creates and builds recognition.

If you follow the pattern using fonts and present your site with several rhythms, it adds good value to your company’s brand. The audience always remembers the fonts you use in presenting visuals.

Typography of specializing in your company and functions as identification for viewers. With the help of typography, for every piece of content, you get the presence of your company.

My advice

Ask your designer to use a worksheet to determine the font style for all elements of your website. These elements are included but not limited to the header (H1 to H6), the text of the main content paragraph, links, navigation, paragraph text in the side column, and buttons. Each of these elements determines the type of letter, strength, weight, size, and color of the font.

Then set the sample content page that instructs how to use a hierarchy. This will be useful especially if there are many contributors who touch your site. The last thing you want is to have a different page that looks very different because the header or some content areas are modified manually.

By having a good font hierarchy and sample content with instructions, you must be able to maintain consistency.

A well-determined font hierarchy is very important to communicate your message to your viewers. To communicate, often a good font hierarchy is far more effective than a complex and sophisticated graphic design.