8 Hot Smartphone App Development Trends | 2022

Smartphone App Development Trends

Today the mobile app development industry is evolving at an extremely fast speed. The universal marketplace is on track and trendy to crackle for years and beyond. And the Market Outlook of Digital Statista evaluates that the overall revenue of the mobile app development industry will boost by around 613 billion dollars by 2025 from 318 billion dollars in 2020. This incremental growth offers engineers and smartphone software developers multiple opportunities to modify their apps and deliver the perfect user experience.

However, the fiasco of implementing and tracking the app development trends is another terrifying truth that many smartphone apps fail. So, the foremost step to making your application successful is to stay ahead of the current app development trends­ in 2022. Let’s deliberate these hot trends in detail.  

#1 Voice Recognition

The universal voice recognition tech marketplace is one of the top mobile app development trends that will lift the revenue from 10.7 billion dollars in 2020 to 27.16 billion by 2026. And voice tech will reform the world in the upcoming future. So, the devices can accept and take spoken actions. It helps the audience practice the voice directives to effectively make the internet searches and operate devices.

However, many industries like finance, banking, and some retail sectors use voice recognition technology in their smartphone apps so that the users can easily transfer payments and buy by only speaking the name of a person or the company.

#2 The Super Apps

The ‘Super Apps’ is the top trend in the mobile app development sector that we can spot in 2022. The major solution allows the audience to resolve many issues by offering multiple services, from shopping, food delivery, financial facilities, taxi services, buying tickets, and online messaging.

The Super apps are more effective for the audience than the apps that just perform particular actions in multiple apps. Their demand is growing tremendously as they are handy for people and solve many problems in one particular digital app.

#3 m-Learning Growth

Today the world is growing too faster with each passing day. And the m-learning is becoming the faster app development trend that showed no sign of reducing. The major purpose of m-learning is to offer people to boost their skills and knowledge via many devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. And it is an effective way to access and study 24/7 online learning content.

However, it makes the learners feel superior and learn from anywhere they can. Even the companies are more towards mobile learning, as it boosts effective conversion rates, rapid learning, increases engagement, and effective knowledge retention.

#4 Upsurge Of 5G

The 5G (fifth-generation wireless cellular network) is one of the most important app development trends that aim to modify smartphone connectivity and boost the whole user experience. It offers a 100 times fast speed performance than the 4G. And it is one of the unique opportunities for building more complex and realistic virtual and augmented reality apps.

Furthermore, the 5G opens unique opportunities for making more high-performance, secure, and robust mobile apps. It also boosts the connectivity of multiple devices and offers secure smartphone payments via rapid biometric data.

#5 m-Commerce Growth

The growth of m-commerce has gained momentous change and has seen a perfect boost in the last few years because more audiences prefer to shop online. So, more vendors are building the PWAs progressive web apps and native apps to offer a perfect user experience.

However, m-commerce involves online buying through mobile phone apps. And are likely to boost millions of businesses’ engagements, revenue growth, and conversion rates. Plus, it offers a convenient and smooth payment and shopping experience anytime and anywhere by simply using the smartphone.

#6 AR/VR Technology

AR and VR (augmented and Virtual reality) is the perfect innovation that opens some unique opportunities for multiple businesses. It makes the user experience (UX) more comfortable and efficient. And improves collaboration and communication between the business and the users. Plus, it boosts sales, allows users to virtually try the product, and encourages them to try the products more often.

However, AR and VR have transformed people’s work and interaction with the world, customers, and colleagues. So, AR and VR will boost their use in multiple industries like real estate, gaming, healthcare, travel, entertainment, and education.

#7 P2P Mobile Apps

P2P mobile apps are another mobile app development trend that reforms today’s digital world. Businesses are used to building P2P mobile apps that offer to grasp cross-border transactions, boost user engagement and trust, and reach a wide range of users. These apps allow users to transfer payments from one person to another via bank accounts and cards.

The audience can use the P2P apps to shop online, transfer money, pay rent, and buy needed services or products. Furthermore, it is expected that the businesses will boost pay options for their users by placing technologies like cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) and the blockchain.

#8 IoT Mobile Apps

The IoT (Internet of Things) has much more than a trend. Because today we are fully surrounded by devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops connected to the Internet. And the brands like Google and Amazon entirely adopted the IoT technology.

While the brands Bosch, Samsung, and Xiaomi are also moving toward IoT technology, so with the increase of IoT systems and gadgets, the demand for IoT apps is also increasing daily.

Summing Up

2022 is a fascinating year for the new technology in providing the perfect mobile app development services. And the emerging mobile app development technologies, microservices, and backend platforms combined with the new expertise will provide the perfect mobile application solutions. So, did you like to strengthen your business with multiple mobile application solutions? Or do you want to boost your present mobile app with new technology? For more queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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