8 Common Uses of Ceramic Tiles in Properties

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to properties. Hence, the uses of tiles in various construction projects are so widespread due to their durability and wide varieties.

Let’s find some of the common uses of ceramic tiles in properties to enhance their beauty.

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Types of Ceramic Tiles

You can classify ceramic tiles in different ways. But, the easiest way is whether it’s glazed or unglazed ceramic tiles, and stores like DBL Ceramics come up with beautiful tiles.

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Glazed tiles usually have different textures with a gloss coating on the surface. However, they tend to be less porous. This coating is done through the firing process to save these tiles from stains. You can find glazed tiles in different colors and styles. Also, these bring a vibrant visual to your property. Therefore, you can easily use them to decorate your property.


These unglazed tiles are quite different from glazed tiles as they don’t go through the firing process. They have many pros, like being dense, thick, scratch-resistant, and slip-resistant.

However, they can get stains quickly as they are highly porous. Most unglazed tiles come in earthy colors because they don’t undergo the firing process.

8 Uses of Ceramic Tiles in Properties

Here are 8 uses of ceramic tiles to make your properties mesmerizing.

1.    Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen is the heart of every household. Herringbone design ceramic tile in a large size would work great for such a space. You can add colors like blues or greens to embrace the outlook.

It’s very important to understand high variation scales while choosing tiles for different properties. The color mixing of light and dark tones would bring dimension to the rooms.

2.    Kitchen Island

A pop of color to your kitchen island might change the whole look of a space. You can choose earthy colors to bring some shades. For instance, dark greens, greys, or beige are some great options. It would be best to choose a contrasting shade as the islands can even be a statement piece for the room.

3.    Bar

The bar area is a perfect spot to add luxury to a property. You can use herringbone tiles for your small bar area. If you use brown tones of tiles, the open shelves and bar tops will get complimented elegantly. Eventually, it would turn into your go-to space after long tiring days.

4.    Shower Floor

You might have a different shower space in your bathroom, and that’s a perfect space to use ceramic tiles. You can find different patterned tiles that would bring a nautical feel to a space. Blue, green, or brown tones will flawlessly complement the interior.

5.    Bathroom

You can design your bathroom with black ceramic tiles. Also, you can add streamlined sinks and brass fixtures to bring more textures to the statement space. You will surely, get a sense of luxury in this beautiful bathroom.

6.    Entryway

The entryway tiles are similar to a handcrafted welcome mat for your property. All this attention will go to the floor when you or your guests enter. So, you can customize this space with some self-designed tiles. You can also mix and match patterns or styles from any store. Hence, you can choose a tile that would bring some elegance to the property.

7.    Fireplace

In most cases, a fireplace gets all the attention. So, you can highlight this space with a unique design as this space will also be seen from the main door. Basically, this space is the “center of attraction,” so you can add vibrant colors to this space. Some suggested colors are pink, purple, maroon, reds, etc.

8.    Mudroom

Most people overlook the entrance of their beautiful properties. But a tiled mudroom would bring a difference in a property. The best way to style this place is with hexagon tiles. Though the shape has been a statement piece over the years, a different brown shade would add a warm feeling.

Final Verdict

A ceramic tile is undoubtedly a great addition to any construction. However, you should know that different types of ceramic tiles come with different purposes. So, you have to be careful while purchasing and using ceramic tiles in properties.

Also, you can always take the help of professionals. They can help you to get the desired look without any hassle.

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