7 Vital Questions you Should ask you Dentist

7 Vital questions you should ask you dentist

As a leading dental practice in London, the Smile Clinic London is reputed to provide top class, personalised dental care to an ever increasing number of patients. We offer a large range of treatments covering preventive, cosmetic and restorative branches of modern dentistry at our practice located on the West End Lane. Given our years of experience in the dental industry we believe, patient education is vital to a beautiful and healthy smile in addition to the in-office treatments. In the following section of the blog post we have tried helping you how to make the most of your dental visits by framing a set of questions that you should ask your dentist face to face.

Important questions to ask your dentists

#1 – How can my smile be improved?

This is one of the most vital questions that everybody should ask his or her dentist. That is why it has been placed at the top of the set. The question although quite simple to look but has a broad scope. It offers dentists with ample room to provide vast feedback in term of both volume and range. Most importantly it lets oral health practitioners answer specific to an individual’s unique situation.

#2 – What will be my oral health regimen?

This question shows good thinking on your part. The answer itself contributes handsomely to your dental care routine at home. And without proper oral health care at home in routine manner you just cannot have a great smile. Ideal oral health regimen includes the following –

  • Never go to bed at night without brushing the teeth
  • Always brush the teeth properly
  • Proper flossing of the teeth everyday is also equally important
  • Do clean the tongue every time while brushing
  • Always use fluoride toothpaste unless you have been prescribed different toothpaste by your dentist
  • Rinse the mouth well with an antibacterial mouthwash once a day
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Eat fresh, crunchy, greenie, leafy vegetables and fruits as much as possible
  • Limit sugar intake
  • Go for routine dental checkups at regular intervals

#3 – What is the ideal gap between consecutive dental visits and professional teeth cleanings?

Routine dental checkups are utmost helpful keeping your teeth and the gums strong and healthy. This is a useful question to ask your dentist. Usually people need routine dental checkups once every six months while professional teeth cleaning once a year. However the answer to this question varies from case to case and you can expect an answer that best suits your condition.

#4 – How can my teeth be whiter?

This question is important because the answer offers you sufficient insight to keep your smile beautiful and attractive as long as it is possible. Simple tips to follow at home to maintain the teeth white include the following –

  • Daily invest in sound oral hygiene
  • Limit consumption of foods and drinks that make the teeth more prone to stains – like coffee, cola, red wine and others
  • Consider using a straw while having stain causing drinks
  • Use whitening toothpaste
  • Eat crunchy, leafy and greenie fruits and vegetables that help the teeth maintain natural whiteness – like carrots, apples, celeries and others
  • Rinse the mouth well with water every time after having something or the other that may stain the teeth
  • Avoid hurting the tooth enamel while brushing
  • Avoid smoking and other tobacco products
  • Request your dentist to recommend you a suitable ‘at home’ teeth whitening kit
  • Go for professional teeth cleaning at routine intervals

#5 – Do you diagnose me with any oral health condition?

This question is important to initiate a meaningful conversation about your current dental health state. If you want to gain insight how to improve it then this question is utmost important.

#6 – Do I need undergoing any treatment?

Modern dentistry has improved greatly. As a result lots of new and innovative treatments are now available. Some of those treatments or other may prove beneficial even though your smile could be attractive and healthy. This question helps opening up those doors of possibility.

#7 – What are your payment and finance options?

Understanding the financial policies of a dental practice is important before you start a treatment. And thus this question is important. Our technically sound and friendly oral health experts are easily available by searching online with strings like “dentist near me”. Prepare yourself with these questions to make your dental visits as fruitful as possible.

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