A home is a cosy place where you want to come back after spending a long tiring day at work. So, you need to upgrade the look of your home to give it a refreshing look. However, the home remodeling project can become a disaster if you choose an inexperienced contractor.

If you are looking for a trusted San Diego renovation contractor, then you should contact Done Right Remodeling & Design. So, let us know about a few timeless designs that never go out of style.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring can be the best idea for your home, which never goes out of style. This type of flooring is water-resistant and durable. However, you can also consider other flooring options that will suit your requirements.

White cabinets

White is considered the classic colour in a home remodeling project that never loses its craze. However, you may experiment with colours.

But the white colour never goes out of trend. It gives a soothing yet vibrant look to your space. Moreover, your home looks brighter and bigger if you choose white colour for the wall paint or cabinets.

However, maintaining the white colour can be a challenging task. If you can manage this then white would be the perfect shade for your dream home.

Outdoor area

The outdoor area is the first thing that attracts the attention of potential buyers. Hence, improve the garden area, add a fountain, go with the new plantation, and improve the landscape.

You can also add a swimming pool to add value to your home. Think about a few landscaping ideas in your garden area to make your home beautiful and elegant.

Add garden accessories, statues, lights, and outdoor furniture to make your outdoor area beautiful. You can also make a few pathways and musical fountains to add that zen factor to your space.

Large Windows

Add large windows to allow the natural light into your house. Add windows to multiple walls in your home or go with a floor-to-ceiling window wall to give your home a wider look.

This can also become the focal point of your home and make your space look beautiful. Natural light will keep your home fresh, clean, and airy all the time.

It will also not allow the germs to build up in your indoor area because of excess moisture build-up.

Multifunctional Island kitchen

Kitchen islands are every homeowner’s choice these days. These days, homeowners are installing a sink, dishwasher, and thrash storage in the island kitchen to free up the floor space.

Moreover, you can create a breakfast counter on the kitchen island and use this space to have a chat with your friend and monitor your child’s homework right from the counter.

If you want to add a large seating area in your kitchen then the island kitchen will serve your purpose efficiently.

Green plants

Green plants have a purifying effect as they absorb harmful particles present in the air and the excess moisture from the environment. So, you can add plants to your home to give your space a divine look.

You can also choose creative planters for your plants, which will make them more beautiful and pleasing.

Vibrant colours

Vibrant colours give your home an enchanting look and never go out of trend. Focus on the colour shades that you want to add to your home. Choose colours that can go with the décor of your home.

Light shades give a subtle and minimalistic look to the space; however, adding bright colours to the accent walls can provide that vibrancy to your space.

Colours should be wisely selected to make your space look brighter and bigger.


Place your home accessories artistically to give your home a neat look. If you cannot make out how to remodel your home with timeless designs then you can contact our professional remodelers who will help you with all the necessary information.