7 Sure Items To Gather For Your Next Solo Trip

While traveling with companions is a thrilling experience, going alone on a trip is an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and meeting new people you would ordinarily not meet in normal circumstances. Solo trips are a perfect opportunity to explore the world quickly and have new experiences that your companions would ordinarily not fancy. 

Granted, traveling by yourself could be scary and lonely at times. But it doesn’t have to be. With good preparation and adequate planning, you can enjoy a solo trip. The best way to plan for a solo trip is to pack everything you will need for the trip in advance and avoid starting your journey only to realize that you are missing something when on the road. Here are the seven items you must have for your next solo trip. 

1. First Aid Kit

When you are on a solo trip, you do not have the luxury of having a friend take care of you in case you get an injury or a slight health problem during the trip. While the comfortable and reasonable option would be to go back home, no one wants to cut short a trip because of a slight stomach upset. Having a fully stocked first aid kit will be good for you to avoid any minor health problems. An excellent first aid kit should have over-the-counter medication such as painkillers, antihistamines, and antiseptics. Delta 8 can be an excellent relaxing aid.  You can also add a thc vape cartridge 1000mg if you need to relax during the trip. However, note any legal limitations on CBD in the region you want to travel to. 

2. Sturdy Carry-On Suitcase

When going on solo trips, you need a sturdy suitcase with a hard casing to avoid soaking all your clothes and precious items when traveling. Suitcases with a hard casing are ideal when you have to move around with your luggage from one location to another. Since the weather could be unpredictable, the casing helps avoid situations where the rain soaks your belongings, ruining your otherwise exciting trip. While some hard suitcases appear smaller, you may be surprised how much luggage you can fit in one. In some instances, manufacturers add an extra zipper to help expand the suitcase in case you need extra space for your things. 

3. Universal Adapter

As you may already be aware, many countries have different power outlets from those Americans use. Therefore, you will need a universal adapter compatible with virtually every power outlet or plug in any location worldwide. This will help you charge your devices quickly and avoid buying the overpriced universal adapters you will find in hotels and airports. 

4. Power Bank

Let’s face it. Most of our lives revolve around our devices, specifically our smartphones. Having your phone’s battery go dead when on a solo trip can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you need to document your travels or your phone to order an Uber. Packing a power bank will help you avoid being offline alone and in a new place. 

5. Water Bottle

When on a solo trip, having a good water bottle will be advantageous while being environmentally friendly in the same vein. Buying disposable bottles is not only expensive in case you need to hydrate multiple times in the day (as you should) but can also increase your carbon footprint. Thus, when going on a solo trip, it would be good to carry a reusable water bottle for your hydration needs. Some water bottles, such as collapsible water bottle, do not occupy much space since you can fold them up if you want to pack them when you are done. 

6. Contact Information Card

The old saying goes, “Better Safe Than Sorry.”Having an emergency contact information card is a smart choice when traveling solo. The card should have all your contact information, any medical problems you have and how to address them, and the contact information of any close relative or friend that would come to your aid in case you need help when traveling alone. This will help you prepare for any eventuality before it arises. 

7. Comfortable Sneakers

When traveling alone, you may need to walk around a lot. The best way to ensure that you are comfortable when walking around during your trip is to have comfortable padded sneakers that are light and durable. Depending on your interests, there are different options regarding sneakers. For example, you can get the brand names such as Nike, Reebok, or Adidas. Alternatively, you can get good orthopedic shoes that work well for your feet. 

Parting Shot 

Preparation is the first step towards a good trip, solo or with companions. However, good preparation will make a solo trip a formidable success. Remember, you are alone on a solo trip and do not have anyone to depend on. Therefore, packing these seven things will ensure that your trip goes well.