7 Impressive Serveware Ideas

Cooking for others is a source of love and a great way to interact with friends and family. We usually focus on cuisines and dishes. In an Instagram-obsessed culture, you must also consider appearance. Never be afraid to go above and beyond for supper. Hosting is challenging and time-consuming. You must appreciate it to make it unforgettable. How can that be? Answer: serveware.

Beautiful serveware may improve your dinner table. With resin-accented cheeseboards, serving boards, breadboards, baguette boards, resin coasters, and more! Lynn and Liana customises servers to your kitchen’s colour and decor. Impress your guests! It’s a great present for coworkers, friends, and corporate Christmas gifts.

Round Bamboo Platters:


Lynn and Liana sell resin. Resin is a polymer and chemical precursor. With this material, many stunning paintings may be made. Resin patterns adorn the Bamboo Round Serving Tray. Different colour combinations are available.

Choose colours that match your kitchen, cuisine, homeware, etc. This bamboo tray might be your greatest breakfast tray. This spherical tray may serve beverages to visitors.Acacia cheese boards:

This unique cutting board may also be used to serve cheese platters. If you like charcuterie boards, you need this. This gorgeous platter holds cheese, meat, and bread. It’s also a great present idea. How come? LynnLiana has beautiful colour options. The pricing is also low. It’s a thoughtful business Christmas present. View the Acacia Cheese Boards online. Read more

Coasters of cedar and resin

This specific product is absolutely a marvel! It’s one of LynnLiana’s tiniest yet most important goods. They’ve combined cedar slabs with epoxy resin. This brings the outside within. Your guests will admire them. These resin coasters will decorate your home. They’ll also protect your countertops from spills and hot cups. It’s also a great present for coworkers. The product’s affordability and simplicity make it easy to buy. Look!

Bread Boards:

LynnLiana also makes acacia breadboards. What makes this one stand out is the fact that it is manufactured from the greatest grade acacia hardwood. When mixed with epoxy glue, it becomes art. You may use it for snacking in bed or serving cheese platters or sandwiches. So handy! This serving board is delightful. Read more


Challah boards are constructed of Canadian Maple. Resin designs enhance your serveware. The etching of ‘Shabbat Shalom’ in Hebrew makes this board stand out. This little etching is lovely. What a fun concept! You must try this wooden serving board. This serveware is unique.

Vegan-leather placemats:

Lynn and Liana also make vegan leather placemats with their gorgeous patterns. This piece will enhance your kitchen d├ęcor and dining table. You can put guests’ cutlery on matching or comparable tablecloths. They will be lovely. Add them to your gift ideas list.