6 Ways to Maintain Your kidneys Health

kidneys Health

The kidneys, as you are well aware, are the organs located on the sides of the spine and they are the most important because they are responsible for performing life-supporting functions. 

If excessive water remains in the body, wastes don’t filter out of the body, and the blood doesn’t purify, then you would experience a lot of problems. In addition, your kidneys perform all these actions and prevent your body from several mild to moderate conditions.

Potassium levels, salt, and pH are regulated by the kidneys in an effective way. According to the best nephrologist in Islamabad, the regulation of blood pressure is also related to the function of the kidneys. If your kidneys don’t perform in an appropriate way then the body wouldn’t be able to absorb vitamin D from several sources. The absorption of vitamin D in the body is essential because it helps the body absorb calcium to strengthen bones and regulate the functions associated with muscles.

If you want to retain your complete health, then first you have to take care of your kidneys. If you are taking measures to make your kidneys healthy, you would face no difficulty in maintaining your overall health.

Ways to Maintain Your Kidneys Health

Here are some measures that would be effective for you to maintain your kidneys health:

1-Don’t take Certain Medications

Several medications such as naproxen and ibuprofen, these drugs belong to a group of medicines known as NSAIDs, which can damage the kidneys if you consume them in a high amount because they can disrupt the functions that the kidneys are performing.

In addition, if you are taking drugs (proton pump inhibitors) for reducing the symptoms associated with the stomach over a period of time, these medications can increase the risk of the development of chronic kidney disease. 

2-Always Stay Active

If your waist makes you uncomfortable, exercise can be an effective option for you. However, it does not only make your waist slim but also lowers the risks of chronic kidney disease. In addition, if you experience high risks of heart health and blood pressure, there are chances that you are more prone to kidney diseases. Different types of exercise maintain healthy blood pressure and boost your heart health, and this will help you to improve your kidney health.

Keeping your kidneys healthy, you don’t need to do strenuous exercises or run marathons to get maximum effects. Even walking for some time, especially in the morning, cycling, or dancing would be great options for your heart and kidneys health. Additionally, you can walk during office times after lunch or during tea break. Plus, always use stairs instead of a lift. Follow this routine, and you will be amazed by the results after some days.

3-Reduce the Intake of Antibiotics

Antibiotics, also known as bacteria-fighting properties, if you take them too much and too often. However, the chances of the development of chronic kidney problems will increase if your health is not too well and you are taking antibiotics.

There are several types of antibiotics such as penicillin and cephalosporin that can cause more severe kidney problems; therefore, it is essential for patients to take these antibiotics according to the prescription of their doctor to reduce the risks of these side effects.

4-Keep an Eye on Blood Sugar

People who experience diabetes are more prone to kidney problems because diabetes, according to the diabetologist, causes high blood sugar. When cells in the body are unable to use sugar present in the blood, this inability put extra pressure on the kidneys to work hard and filter your blood continuously.

Extra pressure on the kidneys may lead to life-threatening conditions after some years. However, if you succeed to control blood sugar easily and effectively, you can reduce the risks of damage that affects your kidneys. If there your kidneys are already damaged, then your medical specialist would take extra measures to prevent chronic or additional damage.

5-Herbal Supplements

You will find a lot of stuff and information that herbal supplements are totally safe for anyone and they don’t affect important parts of the body. However, scientific data and studies don’t approve that these supplements are safe. Some of these supplements can damage the kidneys in a bad way.

If you are experiencing any mild to moderate kidney problems, these supplements can make your kidney conditions worsen because we don’t know how they work.

6-Control Your Blood Pressure

You have to take measures to control high blood pressure because this disease can also damage your kidneys. In addition, if you experience high blood pressure along with high cholesterol, etc., the damage to the kidneys can be more severe.

Effective changes in your lifestyle, especially in diet, would help you to control your blood pressure.


A nephrologist can also recommend a magnesium test and the details about it you can get from the magnesium test price. This test along with these precautions will help you to maintain your kidney’s health.

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