6 Warning Signs Your Home May Have Electrical Problems

Electrical problems and mishaps are common incidents in every household. It is therefore essential to be aware of certain signs that could help you in identifying and preventing any unforeseen accidents at home. Watching out for the red flags is not a difficult task, and you don’t need to be an expert to identify indications of electrical problems in your home. When you spot the following hidden or potential warning signs of an electrical problem at home, contact a local Electrician in Narre Warren to fix the issue.

1.  Burning smell

If you smell smoke or any burning smell near your electrical appliances or outlets, there is a strong possibility that you are encountering an electrical problem. Did you know that a burning smell is one sure sign of a potentially hazardous electrical fire? As the heat emitted from electrical wirings can be unbearable, it can set the wiring and appliances on fire. Therefore, it is essential to get your appliances or electrical outlets fixed as soon as possible in case you experience any burning smell. As a safety measure, turn off the power point switch and stop using the appliance immediately. To fix the issue, you can contact any local electrician in Endeavour Hills to perform an in-depth check and provide the right solution.

2.  Flickering lights

Another warning sign of an electrical problem would be flickering lights. While you may believe these occurrences are harmless, it is essential to know that flickering lights are caused due to an underlying issue within your electrical system. Below are some of the common reasons why you are experiencing flickering lights at home:

  • Faulty light switch
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Loose or faulty light bulb
  • Inconsistent electrical power
  • Loose and outdated electrical wirings, and more.

If the flickering of lights becomes more frequent, you should contact an electrician in Narre Warren to fix the issue.

3.  Loose outlets

If you have loose electrical outlets at home, for instance, if your outlets pull away after you have plugged in an appliance or an electrical wire, it’s time to replace your outlets immediately! Following are some of the reasons that could lead to loose outlets:

  • Sudden electrical sparks
  • Short circuit
  • Fire hazards

Did you know that loose or floating outlets could disrupt the flow of electricity and, in turn, damage your appliance or gadget? It is therefore essential to replace these damaged electrical outlets as soon as possible to avoid any mishap.

4.  Complicated electrical wirings

Another warning sign of an electrical malfunctioning at home is complicated electrical wiring. Such complicated electrical wirings are a sign of improperly done electrical work which needs to get inspected and fixed soon to avoid accidents. The risk of unfortunate accidents or injuries increases when such tangled wires come in contact with each other. Therefore, preventing this issue is extremely important.

5.  Buzzing sound

If you hear a buzzing sound while using multiple outlets or while turning on your lights, it indicates malfunctioning in the electrical wirings of the house. If this issue continues, it is important that you change or upgrade your outdated wiring connections. You can consult an Electrician in Endeavour Hills to fix this problem.

6.  Circuit breaker issues

In case you observe circuit breaker issues at home while using a high voltage electrical appliance, it is another warning sign of an electrical problem. To avoid any damage caused by an excess current to the electrical circuit of your house, you must attach a circuit breaker If the circuit breaker is old and outdated you might need to have them replaced immediately.

7.  Sparking Outlet

Sparkling outlets are also a warning sign of electrical problems at home. In the case of sparkling in a fuse box, a breaker panel, or an outlet, it is recommended to contact an electrician immediately to fix the issue. The electrician tests the appliance and the outlet that powers it and fixes the problem.

8.  Shocking switches and outlets

Warning signs of severe damage of an electrical problem at your house are when you are experiencing frequent shocks from outlets and switches. You could experience such shocks from the switch or outlet of an electrical appliance in your home. The outlet or switch should be examined immediately if the problem persists. Apart from this, it is ideal to get the electrical wiring of the house inspected from time to time.

If you are experiencing any of the above warning signs, contact any local electrician in Narre Warren and make sure you resolve the electrical problem at the earliest.

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