6 Types of Formal Wear Every Women Should Try

Every girl wishes to have a variety of clothes with different hues and tints. Isn’t it true? exclusively for formal wear. As draping with something elegant, appropriate and fashionable puts one’s self-esteem high as well as gets compliments from colleagues and friends who don’t want to look confident and smart. 

Usually, people get miffed about office wear meaning simple and plain dresses, but not anymore. Common; y, people choose linen pants, velvet coats and viscose shirts for office wear. Now official dresses have been experimented by women and there are a plethora of choices of formal wear for women are available. 

But we often see stylish professional work outfits and want to opt for a closet, but during the course of choosing one, we get hell-confused, right? Especially if we have to pick one for work or client meetings or corporate events. But don’t get overwhelmed. We have come up with some women’s workwear you should include in your wardrobe to be saved from confusion.

Formal Shirts And Pants

Shirts and pants are the most preferred attire for the workplace since with this combination you can have plethora choices of pairing up. This dressing up also aids in nailing summer outfits. Lightweight formal pants and shirts work elegantly till the end of the day. 

To get a more relaxed appearance, you can opt for shirts with formal skirts. With both looks, you can carry a blazer for a last-minute meeting and don’t need to wear it. 

You can be experimental with styles of trousers like straight, skinny and cropped cuts. For this attire, a white shirt is essential to be a part of the wardrobe. You can also pick striped designs, floral patterns, or bold colors. Formal skirts with well-fitting shirts would also go aesthetically well, especially for daily wear. 

If you want to make it more comfy and stylish, you can wear a peg trouser that is trendy and make the outfit fashionable. 

Pant Suits 

Another item of official wear that has not lost its charm is pants suits. This attire has some elegance along with confidence. Nowadays, the fashion world has hues of pants suits which are perfectly wearable for both evening and day events. 

For daytime affairs, jump with light color suits meanwhile for evening parties you can go for darker shades and patterns. To make a pants suit comfy for the workplace, choose cotton, cashmere, and poplin material, and for official parties or meetings, silk and lace fabric would go better. 


Another outfit that should be part of your formal closet is dresses. This single piece of clothing could make you look confident and comfortable. To avoid any unwanted attention, choose attire with simple cuts and curves in neutral or darker shades, just like formal shirts.

Still confused with patterns and design? Then don’t be afraid to be experimental with patterns; you can wear stripes or plaid as well as simple single-colored dresses or whatever you want. 

If you feel less comfy with fitting dresses for day-to-day affairs, then a shirt-style outfit is especially made for you. This kind of attire can be worn with sneakers, heels, or formal shoes. You can also wear them for brunch meetings. 


Kurtas are shorter versions of kurtis and can be varied in length. It has a strong resemblance to salwar suits, but they enable more professional design options. Kurtas can be worn with pants, jeans, skinny jeans, and professional pants to give girls and older ladies a formal look. 

Kurtas are versatile enough to be worn in a variety of lengths while still looking smart and attractive. Women should avoid wearing short kurtas along with leggings for a classy or office event. Choose earth tones to begin with, such as light browns, off-whites, and ochres. 

Plunging necklines and tight-fitting kurtas should be avoided. However, choose clothes that are constructed of lightweight, moisture-wicking materials that allow you to move freely. You can choose fabrics like cotton, linen, and khadi.

Salwar Suit 

Salwar sets are likewise an agreeable outfit that assist in making a proper official look for ladies. The two-piece ensemble can be mixed and matched to create a plethora of ravishing variations and mixes.

It can likewise be worn alongside a kameez, churidar, palazzo jeans, or stockings. Styled with a dupatta and the salwar, they make a formal or office-going outfit. Like with sarees, while picking salwar sets, avoid going with brilliant tones or complex prints.

For proper wear for the office, pick salwar kameez that are ideally knee length and of agreeable material. Cotton, linen, and mixed fabrics would be the best to choose.


Sarees are a famous Indian look and they are widely appreciated for their proficient clothing. Outfits that are hung the standard way with the pallu over the left shoulder give an exemplary formal look for ladies to wear to the office. 

While picking tones for sarees, strong, pastel tones with insignificant patterns are ideal instead of huge, splendid embellishments or prints. You ensure your own comfort by utilizing textures like silk cotton, chanderis, and kota silk and avoiding excessively polished or architectural neck areas and shirt plans.

With these outfits, you can slay on a daily basis at your workplace. Also it is advisable to buy fabric and then design your outfits as per your preference as it stands you out. You can explore fabriclore for high quality collections and fabrics. I hope you know you can style any office wear for women with these ensembles. So, which ladies’ formal office wear will you try more often?