6 Tips for Hiring The Best Logo Designer

Hiring a logo designer can be hectic. You have to do more than just strengthen your human resource department. Logo designers have different types of portfolios. You cannot determine just from samples or past projects if they will work well enough for your company.

Your company or business size can only determine the budget you are able to contribute to graphics and creative logos. However, the type of logos you need, the audience you wish to impress, and your brand’s core values are something the logo designer needs to understand.

In order to make perfect and accurate logos for your company, the best logo design services UK is the one that reflects the core values. Other than that, diversification in their work is also a key component.

By diversification, we mean that they should be able to use and design with more than one software. Be it open source, paid, or no code, a logo designer should always use more than just one software/application.

6 Helpful Steps for Hiring the Best Logo Designer

#1) Use LinkedIn

linked on is the best source for human resource managers to find a logo designer that fits their requirements. They can look for students acting as freelancers, full-time candidates with more experience, or fresh graduates with a good work ethic.

The best part about LinkedIn is that a company can outline all its requirements and find the best logo designer. There are also other platforms like Indeed.com, PayScale, or some other websites that can also get you the right candidate for the job.

The premium features of these platforms can help you gain more out of the app and reach the right goals.

#2) Interview Freelancers as Well

Many companies rule out the possibility of hiring freelancers when looking for the best logo designers. However, freelancers and Upwork experienced designers can also provide you with the quality you ask for. In fact, they are better at understanding personalized client requirements.

#3) Look for Diversity

As mentioned before, it is best if your logo designer works with more than one software to design their products. This can add more features to their portfolio and they can learn new techniques that might not be available in other software.

However, finding such a candidate can be hectic because usually, self-taught freelancers don’t work on multiple applications. Moreover, logo designing apps are usually very expensive if one wishes to learn vector graphics, etc.

This is one reason very few logo experts actually end up learning to use more than two software. Even the fresher graduates who have a degree in such creative graphics don’t have expertise across many platforms.

One solution to this is to find a quick learner whom you can teach. You can hire them on a paid internship at first and then increase the salary to make it a full-time job.

#4) Take Samples

Taking samples or the portfolio of your next logo designer is a must. Many small businesses and organizations just ask for relevant experience and educational documents without asking for samples.

Usually, candidates attach a website or link where their portfolio can be found. You can also take a skill test of the candidate for this purpose.

#5) Look At Your Budget

Your budget and how much you can offer to the candidate play a significant role in which candidates your company can shortlist. If you wish for a double-masters graphics designer for a position, your department should have enough budget to pay them.

Keep in mind that not offering a nice and market-competitive salary can demotivate the employee and make them look for another job to switch.

#6) Be Flexible At First

You don’t need to be very hard on your employees, whether they are old ones or newbies. Make your organizational culture welcoming so that even if an employee isn’t getting enough perks, they wish to stay for longer than they plan!


In conclusion, if you wish to hire a good logo designer for a management position, you can also contact logo design services.