6 Fun things to do in Port-au-Prince

The capital of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince, continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. This city is popular among other places for ancient significance, culture, galleries and much more. Port-Au-Prince is not only Haiti’s most populous city but also its economic hub.

There are several things you may take advantage of in Port-au-Prince, regardless of whether you’re with family or on a trip. The top ten interesting things to do in Port-au-Prince are listed below to try when you reach here after Spirit Airlines ticket booking.

Ancient Churches There are several old churches in Port-au-Prince that tourists enjoy visiting. One of the most visited city churches is the St. Trinity Cathedral, which is undergoing renovations by a restoration team in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake.

Downtown Port-au-Found Prince’s Art

The Found Art showroom in the city’s center is one of the top places to go in Port-au-Prince. You get the opportunity to take photos with the best artisans who made the many pieces of art on display.

Galleries and Museums

Another intriguing activity in Port-au-Prince is going to the museums and galleries. Visitors can explore contemporary museums, including the Baptist Mission Museum, Musee du Pantheon National, Isidor Gallery, and the El-Saieh Gallery, among others.

Lie down in Labadee

Another well-liked destination for tourists is the chilly beach on the northern coastal peninsula. This exclusive resort is the ideal location for water slides and other exciting activities.

Take Fort Jacques back

In a pine forest, there is a national park called Fort Jacques. From Port-au-Prince, it is a three-quarters-of-an-hour journey to this spectacular location with views over Haiti. This imposing stone fort was erected not long after Haiti gained independence in 1804. There are pedestrian paths next to the buildings and canyons pointing to the promenade, some of which connect to the neighbouring Fort Alexandre ruins. This trip can be accomplished on foot or by hiring a scooter because it is only a few kilometres distant.

Distillery for Barbancourt Rum

There is already a trademark for the rum made at the renowned Barbancourt Distillery in Port-au-Prince. On Fridays, guests are invited to this distillery for a tour and rum tasting. Tourists might find it intriguing to visit.

Historical Fort

One of the places I always take visitors to is Fort Jacques. The fort itself is still worth the trek, even though most of the history you learn from guides is largely folklore. Although it was constructed during the Revolutionary War, no recalcitrant soldiers’ blood was used to make the mortar between the stones.

Admire Artwork

Learn more about the area’s history, culture, and arts by travelling to Atis Rezistans. You can find a wide range of sculptures here in various sizes, shapes, and colours. The objects portray the stories of various historical eras, religion, slavery, industrialization, and many other topics. You can pick from various goods that can serve as mementoes of your journey. Most of the pieces are made of metal that has been artistically finished with bone infusions. This is the perfect location to learn about various cultures and lifestyles. The sculptures are constructed using trash and recyclable materials.

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