5 Ways to Use Lab Grown Diamonds in Your Everyday Life

Lab grown diamonds are growing in popularity among consumers, largely due to the fact that they’re identical to natural diamonds in every way except one — they don’t have to be mined out of the ground. But while it may seem like these synthetic gems are only useful as icebreakers, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider adding them to your collection. From making your home look nicer to spicing up your accessories game, here are five ways you can use lab-grown diamonds in your everyday life.

Lab grown diamonds have been widely used in the jewelry and lab grown diamond engagement rings industry, but many people don’t know that they can be incorporated into your everyday life as well. Not only are they great substitutes for natural diamonds, they’re also more affordable, come in numerous colors, and make exceptional investments. The following are just five examples of how lab-grown diamonds can be used in your everyday life.

Lab grown diamonds offer many of the same physical and visual characteristics as natural diamonds, without all the ethical or environmental problems that come with mining stones out of the earth. But what exactly are lab-grown diamonds used for? Some people use them strictly as an investment vehicle, while others incorporate lab-grown diamonds into their everyday life in much the same way they would use mined diamonds. Learn how you can incorporate lab-grown diamonds into your life with these five suggestions.

Where Can You Buy These Beautiful Gems?

It might be easier than you think. These days, there are several big-name companies that offer lab grown diamonds india, including major retailers like Amazon and Zales (and to a lesser extent, Kay Jewelers). But if you really want a deal, you can buy directly from a lab. Stefee is one example; its prices start at just $9/carat (plus shipping). Just keep in mind that these stones aren’t going to be as perfect or beautiful as those mined diamonds. If good enough is good enough for your needs, though—and you’re looking for an inexpensive way to stock up on gifts—then man-made diamonds might be right for you.

How do they make these beautiful gemstones?

So let’s say you want an engagement ring or just a little something nice for yourself. You head down to your local jeweler, and there on display are these beautiful gemstones that almost look too good to be true. And if you asked how they were made, most people would probably answer with a shrug and a magic or they grew them in some lab. It’s amazing what scientists can accomplish nowadays, but how exactly do they make these beautiful gemstones? The process is pretty much as magical as it sounds: take all of nature’s elements, add heat and pressure (of course), then throw in some more heat and pressure until something gorgeous rises from those ashes. Here’s how it all happens.

Are they any different from mined diamonds?

Lab grown diamond earrings are exactly like natural diamonds, except they come from a man-made process. The composition is nearly identical: both contain crystalline carbon, and they share similar physical traits such as hardness, luster and thermal conductivity. In fact, they’re so similar that you can’t tell them apart with a microscope; an expert would have to use an electron microscope or do further testing in order to discover whether your stone was made by Mother Nature or Man. Since mined diamonds aren’t exactly renewable resources—we run into issues of scarcity when searching for new deposits—lab-grown stones offer a great alternative that doesn’t hurt Earth.

Things To Consider When Buying One

You’ll notice that many lab grown diamonds are actually on par with mined diamonds in terms of cut, clarity and color. The main difference is that they’re available at a lower price point. Why? Because they require significantly less human labor and natural resources to produce. If you’re looking for value, it makes sense to consider a lab-grown diamond – particularly if you want high quality without paying high prices. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other factors at play when determining cost (including your own personal preferences) but lab grown diamonds make sense for most people when considering overall value.

Why should you buy them instead of mined ones?

Most people think lab-grown diamonds are fake or otherwise not as good as mined ones. While they are perfectly natural and really do come from inside Earth, lab-grown diamonds still have some differences that you should be aware of. They’re a bit more brittle than their mined cousins, which means they can break more easily. They also have different chemical compositions—the biggest difference being that they don’t contain trace amounts of nickel (they’re often referred to as nickel-free). And while they may be a bit more expensive than mined diamonds, remember that these aren’t just for making rings anymore—you can use them for other things too!

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