5 True Stories Everybody Should Read

Stories on real accounts are perfect for times when facts do not fit, and a bit of imagination (and pure speculation) is a major requirement to fill in the gaps in the story or reading list. 

No matter what the situation, the truth is that books on real stories can be a great way of attracting readers and keeping their attention to the end. After finishing the book, they often contemplate the story and characters, even after putting it down. It’s not surprising, then, that books on real stories are very famous. They’re capable of connecting with readers in ways other novels do not. Here’s a list of best based on a true story books 


The Perfect Nanny: A Novel 

Slimani had so much inspiration by the story of Yoselyn Ortega, the New York City nanny who had an accusation of murdering two children in her care of her in 2012, that she lead the story into an award-winning best seller. The Moroccan-French writer took the story closer to her home in Paris and focused her focus on the bond between the mother who was grieving along with her “perfect Nanny” she regretted trusting with her daughter and son. 

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo 

Camino Rios is a resident of the summers when her father comes to visit her home in her home country of the Dominican Republic. However, this time it is the day his plane is ready to arrive; Camino arrives at the airport only to find a crowd of people crying… retain essential vocabulary book for adults

Within New York City, Yahaira Rios comes to the principal’s office, where the mother of her child is waiting to inform Yahaira that her dad, who was her hero, has died in a plane crash. 

Disconnected by distance and Papi’s secrets, the two girls must confront the new reality that their father has passed away, and their lives are forever changed. 

When it appears that they’ve lost everything from the father, they discover one another. 

Beautiful Exiles by Meg Waite Clayton 

In 1936, the acclaimed reporter Martha Gellhorn met literary titan Ernest Hemingway at a bar in Key West. They developed a romantic relationship that grew more when the two reported on The Spanish Civil War in Madrid, even though Hemingway married journalist Pauline Pfeiffer. 

The Girls: A Novel 

The Girls focus on Evie Boyd, a teenage girl in the 1960s in Northern California who falls prey to a notorious cult. The cult is modeled on the Manson family, which was notoriously responsible for the murder of the actress Sharon Tate and four others. 

Bottom Line 

Whatever the reason or not, best based on a true story books can be a great way of attracting readers and keeping them captivated until the final. After finishing the book, readers will often remain reflecting on the characters and the story even after they put the book down. This is why it’s not surprising that books based on real stories are extremely well-known. They’re capable of resonating with readers in ways other books don’t.