5 Things You Can Do Before Your Sister Gives Birth

The happiness of welcoming a new born is not just for the parents, it is felt by all those included within the family. Second to a mum is the beloved sister of mum. It is a position of grace and love, to be an aunt the child can trust and run to as they grow older.

Your role as an aunt is not be undermined and undervalued. You are highly likely to be the next guardian in line for your future niece of nephew. Aunts play a valuable role in impacting their nephews or nieces lives. They help them become a valuable citizen in today’s society. Here are a few things you can do as you impatiently await the birth of your sister’s or brother’s baby:

1.     Organize a Baby Shower

Take the load off the mum-to-be and organize a unique baby shower she will be sure to remember. Create a theme for the day, invite the guests only the mama will like and include some games to make sure everyone will be having tons of fun! You could also specify what sort of baby shower gifts the soon-to-be-mum prefers and have a table ready for all the goodies once the guests come in.

2.     Bake Away

image source: pexels

Now this is for the time the mum is in the delivery process. Once you find out the water has broken and that the mum is in hospital, instead of aimlessly rushing over, whip out a recipe and start baking her favourite pie. On the other hand, you could arrange a fruit basket or bake some of her favourite goodies for the day. She is going to be absolutely exhausted after giving birth, and your goodies might be exactly what she needs to regain some energy.

3.     Letters

Awaiting the birth of a nephew or niece can be an emotional journey, you just know your life is never going to be the same once you look into those big beautiful eyes. You will probably be experiencing a rush of emotions the closer it gets to the due date. Pen down your emotions, write to your unborn niece or nephew and when they come of age hand over the letters to them. This will definitely deepen the bond between the two of you and form a beautiful connection between aunt and child.

4.     Keep the Family Updated

The mum and dad are probably driving around to doctor’s appointments, getting scans done and completing their own work. It’s hard for them to keep updating everyone on the baby’s progress and what has been going on in their lives.

This is where you could be the person that is constantly there for them throughout the pregnancy. By doing this you will know what has been going on. Keep your family well-updated on what is happening with the parents and the baby.

The role of an aunt is vital before the birth and post-birth. You could be the one keeping everyone sane in a chaotic situation, calming down the mum and making sure everyone remains well and happy.

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