5 Things To Know About Indica Strains

Banana Terpene

Are you in the doldrums trying to decide between Indica and Sativa strains? Well, if it is the relaxation you are after, then Indica strains are the better choice. So what is Indica? Read on to find out 6 important things about them before you try to decide between Indica and Sativa.

#1: Indica Origins

Its origins can be found in hilly and higher in the atmosphere regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. These plants are known for their short stature. There is a thick covering of reason, which protects it from the harsher climates the region is known for. The strains are known for being good to grow indoors and are therefore preferred by indoor growers.

#2: Relaxation Effects

The main effect of it is relaxation and a calm state. There is a certain high that the body experiences after consuming Indica strains which puts it in a mode of calmness. The usually high THC levels as well as the presence of other cannabinoids are responsible for this. Apart from relaxation, you will be able to enjoy a feeling of drowsiness and a general desire to take a nap.

#3: Keep Snacks Handy

If you try a strain like the Banana Kush, which is an Indica-dominant one, make sure you have food at hand. Keep your munchies available where you use them, so you can have access to them easily.

#4: Huge Variety Available

There is a good variety of terpenes available if you want to choose an Indica-dominant strain. From Granddaddy Purple to Banana Kush, Blueberry Kush to White Widow, there are lots of choices available. But make sure you choose something that has flavors you find enticing. Do some research before finding terpenes you like.

#5: Go for Hybrid Strains

While you can choose a fully Indica one if you want, if you are looking for an amalgamation of flavors and aromas, then it is best to choose a hybrid one. This means the product will be made using multiple strains for maximum effect. You will be able to enjoy many different tastes this way.

Always try to vape your strains in the later part of the day for the most enjoyable time. Buy your strains, whether Indica or Sativa, from a reputed supplier and store that provides quality products at a reasonable price. Buy it in terpene form for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.


How does banana Kush make you feel?

Banana Kush is an Indica strain that provides a satisfying body and calming cerebral elevation. Enjoy its rich banana scent, and use it at night to lull you to a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, Banana Kush is not a party pooper and can help you feel more at ease in social situations.

Is banana OG good for anxiety?

Many recreational users prefer it for its calming effect that, when taken in small doses, is not overly sedating. In addition, banana OG uses to treat insomnia, appetite loss, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other ailments.