5 Signs That You Need HVAC Maintenance Right Now

We understand that purchasing brand-new heating and cooling systems is costly. While high-functioning HVAC and humidifying devices are wise investments for lowering energy expenses, staying healthy and comfortable, and preserving your house and belongings, it’s still an expense and inconvenience that none of us want to deal with regularly.

Even though Gault proudly carries top-quality HVAC systems, we don’t want you to have to replace your heating and cooling equipment regularly. In fact, with proper HVAC maintenance Chapel Hill NC, your air conditioner should last 10-12 years, and your furnace should last 15-20 years!

Neglecting your HVAC after installation reduces its longevity, but with regular maintenance, you can keep your systems functioning as efficiently as possible. Annual maintenance is recommended to inspect and maintain your units before significant problems emerge. Still, if you’ve been in your home for more than a year and notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to call an HVAC maintenance professional.

Your energy expenses have gone up.

Have you recently noticed an unexpected increase in your energy bills? Even if you’ve been binge-watching TV, forgetting to turn off lights, or peering into your refrigerator for too long, your lights and appliances are usually not to a fault – it’s your HVAC system. The heating and cooling system accounts for 54% of a typical home’s energy costs. So if your system isn’t working optimally, it’s costing you a LOT of money.

You’re constantly tweaking the thermostat.

The beauty of a well-designed HVAC system is that you should be able to “set it and forget it.” You should not be worried about heating and cooling daily!

It’s time for a tune-up if you spend your day adjusting your thermostat and then back down several degrees to feel comfortable. Another clue that your system is underperforming is that it takes too long to reach temperature when you make adjustments.

It’s becoming quite noisy.

You’ve lived with your HVAC systems long enough to recognize their normal sounds; nevertheless, if you notice anything unexpected, such as sudden pounding, whistling, rattling, or grinding, it’s essential to arrange repair as soon as possible.

These strange noises may signal loose parts, blockages, or the start of mechanical breakdowns. It is the closest you’ll get to your HVAC system, alerting you it needs service, so please pay attention.

Not only can you detect unexpected sounds with your senses, but you can also detect unusual odors. If you notice a stench in your home that makes you question if you left a sweaty gym bag at home, the culprit could be your HVAC maintenance system.

The airflow is terrible.

If your previously calm and constant breeze has become wild gusts or an almost imperceptible wisp of air, your system needs repair. For example, it could have an obstructed condenser, leaking ducting, or clogged filters.

On your end, we recommend changing your filters every three months or more frequently if you have shedding pets or family members with allergies or weak immune systems.

It’s simply… old.

As with ourselves, the older your systems become, the more emphasis you should place on preventative maintenance. However, even if you don’t notice these apparent indicators, frequent maintenance is essential if your HVAC system is approaching the end of its average lifespan!

Because while old age may cause more problems if left uncontrolled, you shouldn’t give up just yet. Keeping your furnace or air conditioner in good working order could last several years.

Eventually, you may discover that your HVAC system has problems that routine check-ups aren’t addressing, and it may be time to replace it. Lennox advises changing your team once the repair cost exceeds 50% of the cost of purchasing new. But, until then, pay attention to these indicators and have your heating and cooling system serviced by a competent HVAC maintenance specialist once a year to keep it running well for years.