5 Reasons To Do The Nag Tibba Trek 

“Trekking” is a word that has been in the spotlight for quite a while now, be it from the beautiful novels that are set in the picturesque mountains, or through the movies like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and countless other Bollywood Cinema that use the mountains and treks as their setting, or even through the social media accounts of our favourite bloggers and vloggers. And after all the spoon-feeding of treks as a concept, we all want to take the plunge and go on a trek even if it is a short one and experience how the mountains and the adventure feels. 

After thinking for quite a while in your head and deciding to search the internet, you will realise that there is an abundance of options of treks that can be done throughout the country. It doesn’t really matter in what part of the country you live in, be it Pune, Bangalore, or any other city, everywhere you have tens of trekking options and even single day treks, where all you need to do is pack yourself a lunchbox and a water bottle and just get on with your adventure. But if you are someone who lives in the northern region of the country and wants to go to the Himalayas for an adventure but also wants it to be at just a one day distance from the capital city of Delhi, then we have the perfect trek that will leave you satisfied and content.  


The Nag Tibba Trek is the answer, it is not only an ideal trek for beginners but also a very fun experience for seasoned trekkers, below we have mentioned 5 main reasons to do the Nag Tibba Trek. 


Proximity to Delhi

In the current busy life, and between the hustle and bustle of the city life everything has to be done on the weekends, be it shopping, picnics, haircuts, spending time with family, etc. and if you live inside the city of Delhi or even in the surrounding areas of the city and are fed up with the casual visits to malls and cafes, then the Nag Tibba trek is the perfect escape for you. Located at a distance of 90 km from Dehradun, so if you board a bus at 11 pm from Delhi then you will easily reach Dehradun the next morning by 5 am, and if you take a cab or personal vehicle then you will reach the trekking site by 9 am. 


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Duration of Trek

Since this is a weekend trek, the Nag Tibba Trek can be very easily completed in two or three days, depending on the physical ability of the tourists. But even if you are someone who considers themselves as beginners can easily complete the trek in 3 days.

Gentle Terrain

Right from the beginning of the trek at Pantwari up until the summit of Nag Tibba, the terrain is very gentle and beautiful with no steep section that exceeds the 5-10 minute mark. The lack of such steep climbs allows the tourists to enjoy the beautiful trek and its trail. After you have completed the hike of 2-3 hours you will camp at the Nag Mandir from here you can look at the 180-degree view of the beautiful mountains of the Himalayan Range. The Nag Mandir is an exquisite campsite surrounded by beautiful jungles of Rhododendron on one side and Deodar forests on the other. 

A Wholesome Trek 

The Nag Tibba Trek is one of those treks that offers its tourists a little of everything, which is usually only a thing with the longer treks. With the trails covered with jungles, snowy peaks and amazing views of the mountains, this trek offers everything! And that with much less effort than compared to the longer treks. Above everything else, this trek is a circular trek if you have planned it with perfection. It is always better to do circuits rather than retracing the same pathways as the landscapes and terrains you explore are more exquisite and beautiful. 

Best for Beginners

The Nag Tibba trek is a perfect trek for the tourists and trekkers who are just starting out on their journey to become seasoned adventurers, and this is the reason why almost anyone can go and complete this trek without any real problem.


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