5 Indispensable Inflatable Kayak Accessories

A house does not look welcoming till it has been decorated. A car does not look beautiful till it has been accessorized. Similarly, in order to enjoy a folding kayak to the fullest, one needs some accessories which are of an essential nature. Thus here is a list of five accessories which ensure that kayaking is not just fun-filled but safe as well.

Air Pumps

An air pump is like the heart of an inflatable kayak and thus it is one of the most important accessory that one needs to have. There are mainly two types of air pumps – manual and electric. Manual ones are the foot pump ones while the electric ones as the very name states need electricity to operate. If there happens to be an electric outlet available then an electric pump can be considered, however if unsure of the availability then one should choose a manual air pump. For the ones who are yet to buy an inflatable kayak, there’s good news. These days, new inflatable kayaks come with a complimentary air pump. It would thus be advisable to look for kayak models which come with an air pump. If not then one needs to buy an air pump separately.

Life Jackets

Irrespective of whether one intends to go kayaking on shallow or deep waters, a life jacket is a must. It not only saves lives but helps in many other situations. For instance, if one is not a good swimmer and gets separated from the kayak then the life jacket provides the necessary buoyancy to get back to the kayak. It thus goes without saying that if one has a life jacket then one ought to wear it whenever kayaking.

Plastic Storage Bin

A plastic storage bin is one of the most important kayak accessory. Most people are so excited about kayaking that they tend to forget the fact that once it ends, a kayak needs to be deflated and stored in a dry place, not just for protecting but for the ease of transport which it provides. Once a kayak has been dried and deflated, it can be folded and then stowed in a bin ready for use some other time. A number of manufacturers provide storage cases but most of them turn out to be small rendering them rather impossible for use. Considering the importance of a storage bin, it is important that one is bought. They are available at all the leading super market chains.

Pressure Gauges

Just as the tyres of car work best in an optimum amount of pressure, similarly the handling of a kayak will be affected by the air pressure, which should be at a rate as advised by the manufacturers. Excess pressure can damage a kayak when in water and if the pressure is less then it will become sluggish and its performance will ultimately be affected. It is thus advised to keep a pressure gauge when going kayaking and keep regular tabs and adjust the air pressure as and when needed.


Many might be wondering how sunscreen can even be an accessory. Surprising as it may sound but it is quite important in fact. After an entire day in the sun, the skin can turn red leading to sunburns or even skin cancer as the worst possibility owing to exposure to harmful UV rays. It is thus essential to buy a sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 for the best protection.