5 Best Tools for Instagram Analytics to Use in 2023

Based on Instagram numbers engagement, The platform boasts the highest engagement rate of every social media platform online, making it a vital marketing tool for creating brand awareness and excitement around your business.

Utilizing the best Instagram analytics tools available to gain the data you need to optimize your advertisements will yield the highest ROI. Utilizing the same principle as other marketing channels, you can focus your Instagram marketing by figuring out the people you’re trying to reach and the best way to achieve it.

Because Instagram boasts more than 500 million active users, it is essential to be more active to be successful on Instagram. The tools for Instagram analytics will let you adjust your campaign and provide the benefits of collecting data on market trends.

If one of your campaigns does not work, you can discover a wealth of information that can aid you in improving your strategy to make it better for your next attempt.

A lot of tools are distinctive; however, when you’re looking through an array of options, there’s a chance that you’ll want to put your head down and pick whatever you like. The following article has discussed a few of the top tools in this article that usually cost money. If you’re looking for something free, Pikdo is an excellent alternative.

Best Tools for Instagram Analytics

Social Fox

Social Fox offers the right equipment to run an efficient Instagram campaign. It can help you achieve your desired results. Three price levels within SocialFox let you choose the most suitable price for your organization. You can, for instance, monitor up to 25 distinct indicators using SocialFox and set all of the settings to your needs, for example, finding the most famous content within a certain period or even for specific demographics.

You can use SocialFox to discover more details regarding your audience’s reading habits as well as information regarding your market. It’s possible to monitor your social media engagement to find out what motivates your followers, like filters, the number of posts, hashtags, and profile posts, and utilize that data to boost your exposure, increase brand recognition, and establish long-term connections with your faithful followers on Instagram. In addition to analyzing how your competition is doing through Instagram, You can also study what they’ve done and their mistakes.

By doing this, it will be easier to get a better idea of where your business stands. In addition, the Social Fox platform provides a live visual display of your activity on social media for creating socially-branded graphs and charts that visually depict followers who have gained or lost the number of clicks they make and engagement in real-time.

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Brand watch

When you’ve established the following on Instagram, One of the most effective strategies to expand your reach for your brand is to use Brandwatch. Analytics for Instagram are included in our top 10 list since they’re all it is, but it’s performing a great job.

Brandwatch is monitoring the internet and social media around the clock, reacting to developments at the moment they occur. An overview of the Brandwatch products is required as part of your sign-up procedure, and your account is customized according to your business goals. One benefit to this approach is that you’ll buy things you want.

If you consider every add-on that is included, the per-pizza cost could be quite a lot. If you’re in search of an analytics program that contains all the data online that you’ll require, is user-friendly and accessible as well as allows you to complete customization, Brandwatch is your best choice.


As with Brandwatch, Keyhole offers transparent pricing on a per-order basis. The more options increase, the less price of each feature, and assistance can be available. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to test Keyhole before deciding whether you want to purchase it.

You can do this by completing a free seven-day trial. This allows you to access a free version of Keyhole’s entire suite for corporate use. Simple and innovative give you insights that are useful for many objectives. An excellent illustration of its functionality is that it keeps an eye on your social media profiles, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It also informs the company whenever it appears on hundreds of news sites, websites, and blogs.

Furthermore, it grants users unlimited access to the reports of campaigns to help develop a continuous campaign that has consistently performed well, monitoring your competitors and finding influencers most likely to be a draw for your target audience.


The most well-known software for managing social media is Hootsuite. A Forbes article states that nearly 800 Fortune 1000 corporations use the application. People with a long-term desire to use Hootsuite must devote hours to studying the application. But Hootsuite can also help your needs. You can, for $99, get acquainted with the company’s Social Media Platform. For $249, you could take an advanced class in advertising on social media.

It will provide the flexibility and flexibility of analytics, team efficiency, and post-management you could dream of with Hootsuite’s products. This also offers you an in-depth knowledge of your social media performance and provides you with more information about what you can do to build your brand’s recognition and build customer loyalty. In addition to the statistics, Hootsuite also assists with managing social media.

The software allows you to develop content that other users will be interested to read and then schedule posts for future use. If you select various sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube, Hootsuite will automatically post for you. The majority of features are offered at the base level of service. You also get analysis and scheduling as many as ten profiles at the cost.

Icon square

Instead of going across a variety of websites to interact with your followers on social media, It is possible to use Iconosquare to streamline your tracking to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which will save you time and effort in the end. Iconosquare tracks all of your mentions and tags provides statistics on your impact, and compares your business to competitors to help you understand precisely where you stand.

It lets you control the postings on all your social media platforms from one place. After you’ve posted your post and added it to your calendar, modify the appearance and style for each forum, and Iconosquare takes care of everything else. Although Iconosquare isn’t able to cover every feature, however, it can work across a variety of capabilities. It is considered to be one of the most extensive Social Media Analytics programs that are accessible. Social management of social media is the ideal solution for medium to small companies that require help in social media analytics.