5 Best Things to do in Medellin


Are you planning for the vacation? Then, Medellin is an amazing destination for your vacation. The city has various amazing views and Spirit Airlines Booking and visits Medellin. 

1 Museo de Antioquia

This location, a former city hall turned museum, has a fantastic selection of artwork. To see his artistic development, tour guides advice beginning on the top floor with his older works and working your way down. The museum also features pieces by foreign artists and provides an audio tour for those who want to learn much more. Here, where you can rest, is a little cafe with a courtyard.

2 Free Walking Tour

One of the most well-liked walking tours in the world is offered for free by Real City Tours in Medellin. Discover everything about the city’s challenging past from a knowledgeable and experienced guide. This is an excellent chance to leave Poblado, see more of the city, sample some local cuisine, and learn what the locals actually think of Pablo Escobar. You’ll see locations including Parque San Antonio, Parque Berrio, and the Forest of Lights.

3 The Botanical Gardens

The city’s botanical gardens are a natural oasis in the middle of Medellin and are home to over 4,000 different types of flora and 1,000 different animal species. There is a cactus garden, an enormous orchid collection, and a butterfly garden. You can go exploring the area to look for animals for free, or you can just relax on the grass in the sun reading a book. Have a picnic, look for upcoming live events, and make sure to stop by if the city’s Festival of the Flowers is taking place; it will be even more spectacular.

4 Visit Guatape

It’s a must-do day journey from Medellin, but spending an extra night or two there is even better. Guatape is a charming lakeside village located about two hours outside of the city. Here, snap pictures of the colorfully painted home exteriors, then head to Plaza de Zocalos to see Colombia’s most lively town plaza. However, the 740-step walk up El Peol, a massive rock, to get a breathtaking perspective of the islands and water below, is the most well-liked activity in the area.

5 Go Salsa Dancing

This city is the best place to learn the basics, regardless of your level of experience. Medelln can get you started with salsa lessons or nearby restaurants and clubs that feature salsa music and dancing, even if Cali might be Colombia’s salsa capital. Private or group lessons at DanceFree in Poblado are very well-liked, and on the weekends they also have a bar with dancing.

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What to Eat and Drink

Visit one of the city’s markets to get a real sense of the cuisine in Medellin. In Minorista, there are many small eateries where you can have a complete breakfast or a set meal along with items like fish stew, coconut rice, and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

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Where to stay

The city offers you so many lavish and luxurious hotels like the Medellin Marriott hotel, EcoHub Medellin Hotel, Hotel Dann Carlton Belfort and so many others. You also have a choice between hotels and resorts. All the hotels are located within walking distance of where to visit and what to eat and drink. 

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