5 Best Phones to Buy in 2022

With so many smartphones available, you may find devices in every price range that match your needs, whether you want an AMOLED screen, 5G connectivity, or a great camera. Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S6, Google Pixel, and OnePlus are top smartphones. iPhone 13 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones with high-performance cameras will suffice in 2022. Even cheap smartphones like the Google Pixel 5A, which has a huge, bright display and a great camera, are practical.

We’ve listed the best smartphones to buy in 2022. Each phone on this list was tested for battery life and photography. Each link relates to an unlocked phone that should work with most US carriers. Updates are made often. Check out our shopping guide for tips on choosing the right phone.

Best mobiles to buy in 2022

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple’s biggest and most feature-rich iPhone is a mouthful, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple listened to customers, and while the phone looks like last year’s 12 Pro Max, it is a tad thicker with a larger battery and longer battery life. The display now supports a refresh rate up to 120Hz, while the optical zoom on the telephoto camera is improved to 6x. Macro photography and cinematic video modes are new features in the camera system that are sure to please photographers and videographers alike. Apple continues to actively improve iOS 15 while also offering 1TB of internal storage so you can capture content to your heart’s delight. The iPhone 13 Pro Max price starts at $1,099 for the 128GB model and ranges up to $1,599 for the 1TB storage capacity. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in graphite, silver, gold, and sierra blue.

Samsung Galaxy S30 ultra

To Leaks reports, Samsung’s next flagship device isn’t as faultless as thought. Samsung’s Galaxy S30 Ultra is its first Ultra smartphone. Samsung will also release the Galaxy S30 Ultra. Exynos 2100 powers Samsung’s Galaxy S30 Ultra. 

The Samsung Galaxy S30 will use an Octa Core 2.73 GHz CPU to boost this chipset’s power. This device’s 6.8-inch screen is user-friendly. Samsung S30 Ultra’s AMOLED 2X Capacitive Touchscreen displays 1440 x 3200 pixels. Corning Gorilla Glass protects the screen. On-chip RAM is 12 GB (SoC). This is the Samsung S30 Ultra’s maximum RAM. 

CPU and RAM boost phone speed. With 256 GB of inbuilt storage, the Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra can hold your data forever. Rear cameras have a 108-megapixel primary sensor. To stay current, the Galaxy S30 Ultra runs Android 11. The phone’s in-screen fingerprint reader prevents unauthorised use. IP68 water/dust resistant (up to 1.5m for 30 mins). The S30 Ultra’s battery may contain 5000 mAh. This phone offers 65W Fast Battery Charging. Therefore it’s powerful.

Tecno Pova Neo

A more compact version of the new series is called the Tecno Pova Mini. This phone is perfect for people who place a high value on battery life and price when purchasing because it excels in both areas. No other phone in this price category has a battery the size of the 6000mAh capacity of this one. The Tecno Pova Neo has a 6.8-inch HD+ screen, 4GB/6GB of RAM, 64/256GB of internal storage, and a dual camera setup with a 13MP main camera and an 8MP selfie camera, to name just a few highlights. Check out the Pova Neo’s exceptional features as well.

The Mediatek Helio G25 CPU is acknowledged to be outdated and has been around for a while. Due to the low pricing of this phone, tecno mobile phones has had to make some sacrifices elsewhere, so expect some compromises on this device as well. However, due to the Pova Neo’s excellent 4G LTE connectivity, the lack of 5G network access is not a deal breaker. Depending on your demands, purchasing a capable smartphone for a fair price may be possible if you’re satisfied with the Tecno Pova Neo’s features.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The company’s best-selling smartphone to date is Google’s Pixel 6 Pro. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have Google’s most recent Tensor processor. However, the Pixel 6 has a smaller screen and fewer back cameras.

Google’s Pixel 6 Pro is a flagship alternative that costs $1,099 and starts at $899 for 128GB of storage. Stormy Black (with storage capacity restrictions), Cloudy White (with storage capacity restrictions), and Sorta Sunny are possible colours (with storage capacity limitations).

The Pixel 6 Pro’s photography experience is unquestionably the best on a smartphone, thanks to Google’s excellent software and cutting-edge hardware.

Samsung promises that the phone will receive timely and consistent software and firmware updates for years, unlike Apple, which only offers timely and consistent software updates to iPhone consumers. The phone also comes with Android 12 and a tonne of customization possibilities.

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus has since developed into a premium smartphone manufacturer, directly competing with Apple and Samsung. The OnePlus One comes with several practical features, such as reverse wireless charging and adaptive 120Hz displays, instead of bloatware and unwanted advertisements.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is much more affordable than last year. Samsung’s S22 Plus and Ultra cost $899 and $899, respectively, compared to the $899 price of the Pixel 6 Pro. Compared to more expensive versions, the OnePlus One’s power and processing capacity are still astounding.

Regarding the capacity for charging its mobile devices, OnePlus has a clear advantage. Warp Charge Wireless 50 and SuperVOOC 65 are compatible with the OnePlus 10 Pro. This technique enables you to charge your phone from zero to one hundred % in as little as 29 minutes. Wireless charging completes this charging process in 43 minutes, which is quicker than cable charging on most other smartphones. In countries other than the United States, the OnePlus 10 Pro can charge at an astounding 80W.

Google Pixel 5A with 5G

The Google Pixel 4A, a superb 5G phone, was replaced in 2021 by the 5A, which offers more for $50 less. This $449 5G phone is one of the least expensive ones we’ve seen, thanks to an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance and a metal unibody construction.

Although Google focuses primarily on software, it also has one of the best cameras available. Another advantage is picking the Pixel 5A 5G above other smartphones with better specifications. But compared to rival smartphones with three or four rear cameras, Google’s smartphone’s effectiveness as a daily shooter is constrained by its two rear cameras. Because major firmware updates tend to break things and become less stable shortly after release, security updates for Android devices are highly important to the company. A three-year warranty covers the phone’s Android 12 operating system.


For this list, only the best smartphones currently available were considered. You might still find the ideal phone even if you limit your search to a certain price range. This is because many of the greatest phones are also the priciest. To the right is a list of our best picks across several categories.