4 Things Job Candidates Are Looking for in Their Next Role

Traditional work models are becoming obsolete at such a rapid pace that ignoring the trends can prove detrimental to even large, established businesses.

What else is new?

Well, for one thing, technology seems to not only be developing faster than humans are but new generations of young new job applicants are looking for entirely different perks.

Generation gap, one might say, but with a catch: the gap is so huge that sometimes getting everyone to work in harmony may seem like a mission impossible.

 Is there a solution to this seemingly unsolvable conundrum?

Of course, there is!

Businesses just need to keep up with the trends and make sure to be innovative.

Basically, new hires usually look forward to the following benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Updated technology
  • Continued learning
  • Heightened employee engagement

Let’s take a look at how your business can offer all of these.


Job Flexibility

With remote work becoming more popular by the minute, job flexibility simply must be mentioned first. Just think about all the talents scattered across the globe: from expert freelancers in Europe to expats in Costa Rica. Why not choose between the finest of candidates simply because you’re too set in your ways?

Flexible work models, for example, take into account different time zones and allow each and every single employee to pick their preference. This is a good way to deal with the troublesome generation gap mentioned above, too!

Here are the choices:

  • Remote work that is only partial but offers some flexible office space options for those who want to come in
  • Work that is done entirely in the office or other spce designated by the company
  • Remote work that can be done off-site at several different company-selected locations
  • Team members work remotely, but the management team works in-office
  • All remote work that does not allow for any in-office work
  • Locations across multiple cities and locations, where both remote work and in-office work are both encouraged and follow a schedule.

Flexible contract types go hand in hand with remote hybrid work models. If you’re hiring remote teams, adjust the perks. I.e., a person from Asia and a digital nomad traveling the world comply with different taxation rules. As a result, some people prefer flexible contracts, especially if they run their own small business or sole proprietorship.

However, it is customary for businesses to speak only of the benefits and flexibility is not an exception.

We beg to differ. Common problems remote companies are facing should be pointed out immediately so that they can be prevented efficiently. These include difficulties with culture building, social interactions, and communication.

Most of these can be addressed by establishing proper communication channels and standards but other ideas might also come to mind.


Updated Technology

Let’s face it: people rely on new technologies every day and everywhere, so why would we think that work is any different?

It is absolutely necessary for a business to offer the latest tech to every employee.

This basically means that businesses should keep in mind the actual needs and tasks at hand and offer appropriate tools to each respective team.

Some tools may benefit everyone, e.g. useful time reporting software.

The current trends include the use of the following tools and approaches:

  • IoT for asset management
  • Cloud-based software for remote work
  • Artificial intelligence for business automation
  • Inventory management software for supply chains


Continued Learning

Continued education is a perk every business should offer. From eLearning to mLearning to AR learning, opportunities are plentiful!

Should companies invest in custom learning?

Absolutely yes!

Make sure to offer quality training programs and courses that your employees are interested in.

Optimally, you should couple learning solutions with advancement opportunities to inspire everyone to perform better.

Give your team the freedom to brainstorm ideas and get innovative. This is what empowering employees truly means! An example of a perfect combination would include training, team building, and employee feedback.


Heightened Employee Engagement

Speaking of feedback, make sure to include helpful employee survey software in your business’ regular routine.

Anonymous feedback will give you invaluable insight into what drives the employees.

Once you know what motivates them, it will be easier to refine your approach and offer the exact perks your workforce is hoping to be offered.

This, in turn, will inspire people and make them feel more engaged.

Key Takeaways

As you can see, there’s much more you can do to make your business the best place it can be for new hires (and for regulars, too, of course).

Keep in mind, however, that no rule is set in stone. It would be ideal to rely on employee feedback for guidelines and set standard procedures and training in accordance with your company vision.