4 Fun Outdoor Toys That Make the Backyard a Lively Play Area

Your backyard need not be a boring place. Explore an assortment of outdoor dog toys and consider gifting some to your canine friend so they can have a blast within the home boundaries. Dogs and toys go paw-in-paw.

From squeaky toys, robotic playthings, chew toys, and puzzle games to plush stuffed toys, thousands of toys can keep your furry pet entertained and happy. Some toys are specifically made for indoor use to keep the dirt, dust, mud, and other elements at bay; others can be conveniently used outdoors and require little maintenance.

But as always, you must be vigilant when your fur baby is handling things, whether or not they are meant to be played with. Canine fur babies are unpredictable, just like other animals. They can break a toy into tiny bits within no time if it is not durable and possibly choke on those bits upon swallowing. In times like these and many others, you might need the help of pet health insurance.

Cheap dog insurance policies help tackle unforeseen vet bills without you having to take undue financial stress during accidents, injuries, and medical emergencies. This is one reason you must contemplate purchasing a policy soon. In the meantime, read this article to learn some popular outdoor toys that have struck a chord with our canine fur babies.

1. Lawn games

Classic backyard lawn games are always a hit with the human and pet fraternity. Remember how you played those games in the backyard as a kid? You can relive those light-hearted moments by playing some with your canine pet.

Badminton, fetch, apple ball, jacks, horseshoes, darts, discs, and other dog-safe versions of your favorite games can be easily played on the lawn with your pet pooch. However, when buying outdoor toys, pay attention to durability, washability, floatability, and other factors you deem important.

2. Glow toys

The fun can continue late into the night with the help of glow-in-the-dark toys. Who said you can play outside only until the sun is up? Playing outside can be exciting in the dark too. Glowing balls, discs, and frisbees are available in many shapes and sizes; use them to add a new dimension to your backyard play with your pooch. Nighttime can be fun and not scary; this is what your dog will learn in the process.

3. Retrieving toys

Dogs are predators; they love the chase and the hunt, so buy some fetch toys like balls, sticks, bumper, and slingshot toys. Fortunately, a lawn offers plenty of room to launch, run, and retrieve things and helps your puppy get enough exercise to stay fit.

4. Water toys

If your doggo has a liking for water and pools, you may as well buy various floating toys. Choose items that last long, won’t mold, and don’t lose color or shape when exposed to harsh weather. To avoid overheating and exhaustion, provide your pooch with timely breaks to relax and offer fresh, cool water to drink during hot days, especially in summer.

Having fun doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. You can check popular DIY dog toy videos on YouTube and try making them at home instead of purchasing new toys always. Be careful when your pet plays with handmade toys because they can easily break or tear compared to most manufactured ones.

Accidental injuries, choking, and toxic ingestion are some common problems faced by puppy owners who give their furry pets fragile toys to play with. These are some reasons why you must consider buying cheap dog insurance in the least if you can’t afford the best. Contemplate purchasing pet health insurance so providing medical care during unanticipated health situations need not be a huge economic challenge.