4 Facts About the Durability of Magnetic Screens

Magnetic Screens

Being a homeowner means that you must maintain the value of your residence, not just for yourself and those that you live with, but also for all of the various visitors that may pass through. One way to take good care of your home is to implement efficient transition doors as a means to build a separation between the interior of your house and the outdoors. In doing so, you may want to go a step beyond glass screen doors or typical mesh screen doors.

Those that want to integrate their indoor and outdoor spaces more effortlessly may want to lean toward buying magnetic screens. When you are hosting your closest family and friends for backyard barbecues, you may want to increase the accessibility for people to move in and out of your living space with the least amount of resistance; this is where the durability of magnetic screens comes into play.

  1. Self-Sealing Magnetic Screen Doors

Exterior magnetic screen doors are self-sealing, which makes it possible to prevent accidental openings; this is achieved by magnets being used to bring the doors shut through their weight. The magnets have enough heft to them to come back together to seal back properly without letting any insects through.

You will find this magnetic screen door feature extremely useful whenever you have your hands full of food or heavy items that you are running back and forth with through these doorways. By maintaining a sealed door between the indoors and outdoors after you pass through, you can get your housework done without having to turn doorknobs or open heavy glass screens every few moments.

  1. Breeze In, Bugs Out

Magnetic screen doors are the ideal screen doors because they don’t require you to grip a handle. There is no glass or wood present, making it easy for a summer breeze to pass through them instead of having to crank up the air conditioning all the time, driving up your electric bills. Adding magnetic screens to your doorways can bring a bit of the fresh outdoor air into a stuffy home.

The best magnetic screen doors bringing the breeze in, but they also work double duty to make sure that you aren’t letting in all types of bugs and insects into your home. Keep bugs out, whether the magnetic screen connects to your kitchen, your backyard, or even a balcony. Set the mood with clean air coming in and remain at ease knowing that the mesh is tight enough to keep out all the insects that seem highly attracted to your property.

  1. Pet-Friendly

Being that these magnetic screen doors are self-sealing, pets can come and go into the yard without needing you to escort them there. As we mentioned, the magnets are heavy enough to fall back together and seal up the doorway, so your pets can freely move throughout.

Give your pet some freedom while you are at home knowing that you already have your boundary gates set up around the perimeter so that they don’t get lost and roam the neighborhood.

  1. Heavy-Duty Mesh and Magnets

When you purchase quality magnetic screen doors, you will want them to be constructed from durable mesh that is heavy-duty enough to be wear and tear-resistant and able to be used year-round with reinforced edges. No matter what the weather is, you will need your screen doors to keep up with the various elements of nature.

For example, the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door has a middle seamlined with 26 magnets, so you can have the reassurance that it will have the power to close behind you after passing through. Installing magnetic screen doors is also quite simple, with all the pieces provided to set them up without having to hire installation experts to get the job done right.

With heavy-duty mesh magnetic screens, you can have doorway accessories that are durable enough to accommodate all of your family members, including your furry friends, that may need to navigate throughout your home. You will also have the added confidence that they won’t fall apart whenever minimal force is applied.

Final Thoughts

When you are hosting birthday parties, holiday celebrations, graduation events, or even just a long-overdue get-together with close friends, implementing magnetic screens in your home’s doorways will help you get some much-needed breeze indoors while not having to worry about letting in a whole flock of uninvited insects into your parties.