Instagram is the app that is used for the free sharing of videos and photos with your friends and other people and interconnects with them. The main purpose of Instagram is only to share your content with your followers but now it is not used for this purpose only. Instagram is developed in 2010 by American developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It is not only used by people for recreational purposes but also to upgrade their businesses. Instagram has become the most used app by people because they like its features.

How can you use Instagram for your business objectives? The reason why it is used for this purpose is that many people are using this app worldwide for online shopping intentions. There are many successful and prominent brands on Instagram which are running their businesses on this app in a very prosperous way. They post pictures of their products and upload stories and give complete details and reviews of their product to their users. People like their explanations and follow them and buy their products on regular basis. This is how Instagram features help people grow their businesses.




Instagram Statistics means how many users are there on Instagram posting their content and actively using this app. Petnursey says Instagram Statistics show that whether it is growing or not. Instagram has currently more than one billion active users. Instagram is an app that is on track and energetically utilized by users for business and recreational purposes.




Instagram is advancing continuously at a steady speed without any limitations. Instagram always adds value to its users. Many recent types of research on this revolutionary app revealed that more than 2 billion active users are on Instagram out of which 51.6 percent population is female users which are dominating the platform by actively utilizing it. Like YouTube and Facebook Instagram is also one of the most popular apps and still growing at the same rate.  Buy Instagram followers


Instagram statistics:


Following are the statistics of Instagram:

  • Users which are active on Instagram.
  • Engagement rate on Instagram.
  • Country-wise usage of Instagram.
  • Age-wise usage of Instagram.
  • Gender-wise usage of Instagram.
  • Hashtags of Instagram.
  • Stories of Instagram.
  • Brands on Instagram.
  • More than 17 percent of users in western Europe.
  • Instagram for businesses.
  • Instagram ads.
  • Younger users of Instagram.
  • 400 million active users in India.
  • More than 155 active users in the USA.
  • Fifth most visited website in the World.
  • The fourth popular social media network.
  • Most popular Instagram accounts.
  • Overall, more male users, and in the USA more than 58 percent are women users.
  • Except for a few ones almost 90 percent of users follow business accounts.
  • Half of all Instagram accounts have less than a thousand followers.
  • Most Tagged location on Instagram.
  • Users that watch personal stories.
  • Businesses use Instagram stories to promote their products.
  • Instagram photos.
  • Likes and comments.
  • Users that come to interact with creators.
  • 70 percent of posts don’t get seen.
  • User-generated content has a more conversational rate.
  • Instagram advertisement.
  • Accounts that exceed 100 million followers.



1)    Users which are active on Instagram:


Gamesoncloud says Recent researches show that more than 1.386 billion active users are on Instagram and this will increase at a rapid rate in a few years. Out of which 500 million active users come to the app daily to view the stories and posts. 23.92 percent of internet users come to Instagram. About 10 percent of Instagram users may be fake according to analysis.


2)    Engagement rate on Instagram:


Kylie Jenner has the highest engagement rate her average engagement rate on Instagram is 2.96 percent. Among the influencers, Nano influencers have more engagement rate. The average engagement rate per post is 0.98 percent.


3)    County-wise usage of Instagram:


Most users of Instagram belong to India then the united state after them there comes to Brazil and then Russia. These are the four extensively used countries on Instagram. India has 230 million users, the United States has more than 155 million users, Brazil has more than 155 users and Russia has more than 65 million users of Instagram.


4)    Age-wise usage of Instagram:


Instagram demographics show that about 31 percent of Instagram users are between 25-34 years of age. 30 percent of users are 18-24 years of age. Less than 17 percent are from  35-44 years of age. 45–54-year users are about 8 percent and very few users are from 55-64 percent.


5)    Gender-wise usage of Instagram:


48.3 percent of users of Instagram is females and 51.6 percent of users of Instagram are males. According to the report from December 2021 and March, 2022 male users number increased on Instagram. Although social media is mostly used by females Instagram showed that there is more male users’ ratio than female users.


6)    Hashtags of Instagram:


Leatherial told us that “Top Instagram hashtags are #love which gains up to 1.835 billion likes. Then #instagoods takes 1.1 billion likes. After both of them, #fashion is the most used hashtag by the people and gets 812 million likes from the people. #Beautiful gets 612 million likes and is included in the list of the most used hashtags. #Photooftgeday achieves 713 million likes. #Photography gets 582 million likes. #Happy get 578.8 million likes from the public.”


7)    Stories of Instagram:


The most viewed story on Instagram is of J Balvin. 500 million users actively watch the stories. 86.6 percent of people post stories. 36 percent of the business used Instagram stories for promotion.


8)    Brands on Instagram:


According to the investigation on Instagram, it is proposed that more than 25 million accounts on Instagram are of various brands of different companies working on Instagram. In 2021 it is revealed that about 200 million business profiles are using Instagram worldwide.


9)    Users in Western Europe:


More than 17 percent of users of Instagram are from western Europe. Germany is the most popular count in western Europe in the usage of Instagram. About 28.95 million people are from Germany and are active users of Instagram. Then Italy and then France is on the list after these countries there come to Argentina


10) Instagram for business:


Instagram has announced that there are 25 million business accounts. In July 2021 there are 15 million but now it has increased to 10 million.


11) Instagram ads:


You can reach 850 million people from the Instagram ads this is claimed by Instagram itself. The potential reach of Instagram ads is 1.45 billion users.


12) Younger users of Instagram:


More than half of Instagram users are young people with age 25-34 years. 31 percent of the total population is 18-24 years of age. This shows that most people on average are between 17 and 35 years of age.


13) Instagram users in India:


Last year’s calculations show that about 210 million users of Instagram are from India. In November of last year, 309 million active users are reported and now recent evidence represents that there are more than 400 million users active on Instagram. And this number is increasing at the same rate. India is one of the most popular countries on the list of Instagram users.


14) Instagram users in the USA:


America is also included in the countries which have the most users on Instagram. About 107 million people were on Instagram in the last few years but in 2022 about 120 million people the users of Instagram in the United States.


15) Fifth most used website in the world:


Instagram is the fifth most visited website by people in the world. The site is Instagram and the domain name is Instagram.com which is mostly searched by people.


16) Fourth most popular social media network in the world:


Instagram is the most popular social media network. It is included in the fourth number in this list with active users in billions and their number is still increasing.


17) Most popular Instagram accounts:


The most popular accounts on Instagram including Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on Instagram. Kylie Jenner is also the one with the maximum number of followers and she has the highest engagement rate among all.


18) Male to female ratio:


51.6 percent are male and 48.7 percent are female but in the United state, this ratio is reversed as there are more female users than males.


19) Users follow business accounts:


More than eighty percent of total Instagram users follow business accounts about 200 million people visit the profile of business accounts. Out of this number, one by third of these are not followers of that business.


20) Accounts with followers:


Approximately 34.7 percent of accounts on total Instagram have less than a thousand followers. About 47 percent of accounts have followers between 1000-10000. 33.5 percent of accounts are those which have followers between10000-100000. Buy Instagram followers


21) Most tagged location on Instagram:


Tagged location increases 75 percent more engagement than posts without any tag. The most Tagged city is New York. The vibrant city of Jakarta is also one of the most renowned cities. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most tagged person on Instagram.


22) Users that watch personal stories:


About 500 million users watch personal stories on Instagram every day. It is about 87 percent of total Instagram users.


23)Businesses use Instagram stories to promote their products:


According to the investigation, about 87 percent of businesses on Instagram utilized Instagram stories for its promotion. More than 500 million users of Instagram Use Instagram stories.


24)Instagram photos:


It is shown that about 64 thousand photos are posted every minute on Instagram and 4 million photos are uploaded every hour on Instagram. And 95.5 million photos are posted every day by users.


25) likes and comments:


Photos of eggs get the has most likes by account world record egg on Instagram than on the posts of Cristiano Ronaldo. Instagram preferred comments more than likes on a post.


26) users that come to Instagram to interact with the creator accounts:


About 70 percent of total Instagram users come to Instagram to interact with the creator accounts.


27) posts that don’t get seen:


Socialcart According to the Instagram algorithm, only 10 percent of your followers watch your posts. About 33.3 percent of Instagram posts are not seen by their followers.


28) user-generated content has a more conversational rate:


User-generated content in I Instagram gets more les and content about 77 percent of total accounts use this content.


29) Accounts that exceed 100 million followers:


Selena Gomez has 146 million followers, and Cristiano Ronaldo has 477 million followers. Kylie Jenner has 368 million followers.


30)Instagram advertisement:


More than 1 million active advertisers are there on Instagram. Advertisers can reach more than one billion followers on Instagram.