3 Possible RCT symptoms picked up by a root canal specialist

3 Possible RCT symptoms picked up by a root canal specialist

A good, healthy, all-round diet and regular exercising are the best combination to stay fit, healthy and strong. But when dental health is concerned you also have to include brushing, flossing and investing on oral hygiene on daily basis in addition to a balanced diet and regular workouts. Tooth decay is a very common dental issue. It results from an infection in the tooth. In severe cases of tooth decay dentists usually recommend an RCT or root canal treatment. A root canal not only sorts out the immediate problem but also prevent any related health issue.

In the following section of this blog post let us explore few important facts on root canal treatment so that you can take an informed decision whenever the need arises.

The Basics of Root Canal Treatment

The treatment is quite common and performed frequently across dental practices all over the world. If statistics are to be believed over 15 million of these cases are performed every year and this figure is gradually rising! The UK is no exception in this respect. The procedure is also called endodontic therapy. The nerve and/or the pulp of a tooth become infected either resulting from decay, an injury or a cracked tooth. The procedure involves removing the pulp and the nerve of the infected tooth. Then the tooth is sealed off to avoid further damage as well as infection in course of time. The procedure ofcourse sounds painful although it is not. This has been possible because of evolution of modern dental technology. These days the procedure of root canal is as easy and comfortable as having a filling placed in the tooth.

An infected and sick tooth always has the potential to lead to serious consequences. Therefore you should never try to withhold this treatment when a dentist recommends and rather get it done on time to avoid greater discomfort and damage. In the following section let us explore five symptoms that indicate you may require a root canal –

  • Toothache – the pain can be a dull, persistent one or it can be sharp and shooting. It may also cause a completely different kind of discomfort. It is always important to get an unexplained pain the teeth diagnosed by a dentist. Only a dentist can correctly understand whether a toothache is the result of an infection or injury to the tooth concerned.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold – a little sensitivity to hot and cold is absolutely normal especially when you are directly biting into a food – like having an ice cream. The level of discomfort in these cases is absolutely bearable. On the other hand if the sensitivity is extreme or the discomfort or the pain lasts for hours after being exposed then something is seriously wrong. You should get yourself diagnosed by a dentist immediately without delay to sort out the problem for once and for all.
  • Discomfort while biting down food – just as a little temperature sensitivity is normal for the teeth, so is a little bit of pressure. This is why while biting down or chewing on a hard food substance you have a different feeling compared to a soft one. But if you register pain and discomfort even when chewing on soft foods or while applying light, normal pressure of the teeth then definitely something is wrong. Get yourself diagnosed by a dentist to get to the root of your problem. As far as the symptom goes it seems you may require a root canal.

In addition to the symptoms discussed above, a root canal specialist in London   says even tooth discolouration indicates chances of undergoing an RCT. The teeth pick up stains from tea, coffee, cola, red wine and other sources. This affects only the surface of the tooth and the stain usually goes away when you brush properly with whitening toothpaste or whitening kits. But if the stain is stubborn enough and does not leave then probability is high the concerned tooth is dying out. You should go to a dentist immediately.

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